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Andrey Zayakin, the founder of Dissernet, was added to the list of extremists and terrorists

The founder of Dissernet and Novaya Gazeta journalist Andrey Zayakin was included in the list of extremists and terrorists, follows from the data published on the Rosfinmonitoring website.

In August, a criminal case was opened against the journalist for financing extremist activities ( part 1 of article 282.3 of the Criminal Code). The Zayakin case is the first in Russia because of FBK donations. The reason for the persecution was a donat of a thousand rubles. Zayakin sent it on the day when the decision to recognize the FBK as extremist came into force.

As a preventive measure, the court ordered Zayakin a ban on certain actions – he could not leave the house from 20 pm to 8 am, communicate with the defendants in the case, send and receive correspondence, and use the telephone and the Internet. It follows from the materials of the case that, together with the founder of Dissernet, the security forces identified five more people who donated to the fund.

At the end of October, the Ministry of Internal Affairs put Zayakin on the federal wanted list, at the same time Georgy Alburov published a photo with a journalist from Vilnius airport.

1ArticleFirst case for FBK donation. As a result, they could track the payment of Andrey Zayakin and five other Russians

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