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Former Trump lawyer Giuliani avoids prosecution

WASHINGTON, Nov 15 Prosecutors won't file criminal charges against former

“Based on the information currently available to the government, no criminal charges are expected,” the prosecutor's letter to the court says.

With this document, the prosecutor's office informs the court about the progress of the case, in which she asked to sanction the search, specifies the public prosecutor.

In late April last year, law enforcement searched Giuliani's apartment and his New York office. According to media reports, the investigative actions took place as part of suspicions that Giuliani could lobby the interests of Ukrainian politicians and businessmen in the Trump administration in 2019, when he was his personal lawyer.
According to American media sources, the search warrant was issued, among other things, in order to collect evidence of Giuliani's involvement in the resignation of US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch in 2019. She was fired due to the loss of the president's confidence. She herself claims that there was a coordinated campaign against her, and Trump put pressure on the State Department, seeking her dismissal. According to the same data, prosecutors put forward the theory that Giuliani tried to “eliminate” Yovanovitch at the behest of Ukrainian officials in exchange for compromising evidence on Hunter Biden, the son of current US President Joe Biden.
Biden Jr. worked as an adviser to the leadership of the Ukrainian company Burisma, that Trump and his representatives during the election campaign actively used to accuse Biden Sr. of corruption. Giuliani was one of the main “mouthpieces” of this rhetoric in the Trump team.
The resignation of Yovanovitch was one of the episodes in the impeachment case against Trump, whom the Democrats accused of abuse of power and obstructing the work of Congress. The Democrats accused the ex-president of demanding that Volodymyr Zelensky launch an investigation against Hunter Biden, and in exchange he promised to unfreeze military aid already allocated by Congress. Trump denied the allegations. The House of Representatives of Congress impeached Trump with the votes of the Democrats, but the Senate acquitted the president.

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