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Draft G20 declaration contains clause on opposition to sanctions, media reported

TOKYO, Nov 15 There is a clause in the draft G20 summit declaration that a number of participants do not agree with the sanctions, the Kyodo agency reported, citing informed sources.
“The final draft of the declaration, where most of the participating countries strongly condemned the military actions in Ukraine, was the parties expressed their disagreement with the sanctions on other issues,” the agency said.

If the participants do not accept the final declaration, this will be the first such precedent since 2008.

With an appeal Chinese President Xi Jinping also spoke about lifting unilateral sanctions. In his speech at the summit, he emphasized the need to resist the politicization of food and energy issues and lift restrictions on scientific and technological cooperation.
According to the Financial Times, the G20 leaders will declare in the final communiqué that “there should be no war in the modern world “.
The G20 summit is being held on the Indonesian island of Bali on November 15-16, Russia is represented by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. At the G20, the Russian delegation plans to present a number of specific initiatives regarding the supply of food and energy resources, including building up gas cooperation with Turkey, organizing the supply of large consignments of grain and fertilizers.

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