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The European Union has included Moldova in the list of countries to which it will provide additional assistance

CHISINAU, Nov. 15 The European Union included Moldova in the list of countries which will increase funding next year, MEP Siegfried Murešan said on Tuesday.
Moldova is experiencing an energy crisis due to rising energy prices. The authorities in Chisinau announced that they were looking for alternative sources and suppliers of energy, since the only source remained the Moldavskaya GRES, which sells energy at a price of $62.5 per MWh. The Cabinet of Ministers of Moldova has introduced a regime of austerity, which involves a number of restrictions on electricity consumption. Since August, the Moldovagaz company has been cutting off consumers who have not paid for the delivery of natural gas on time.

“The agreement on the EU budget for 2023 includes an increase in allocations by 210 million euros to support the countries of the Eastern Neighborhood, including Moldova and Ukraine We need to step up support for Moldova to help it overcome the crisis it is facing and prepare to join the European Union,” Mureşan wrote on social media.

The European Parliamentarian noted that the allocated money can be used to invest in the modernization of schools, hospitals, as well as to manage the energy crisis and “implement the reforms necessary for European integration.”
Mureshan believes that Moldovan President Maia Sandu has been in power for two years strengthened relations with European and international partners and contributed to the implementation of important reforms in the country, including in the field of justice. “The European Parliament will continue to support the leadership of Moldova, President Sandu in the process of modernizing the country and integrating into the European Union,” Muresan said.

The heads of state and government of the European Union at the summit in Brussels on June 23 approved granting Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidates for joining the union.

Anti-government rallies have been held in Moldova since May. The protesters are outraged by the unprecedented increase in prices for gas, other energy resources and food, as well as high inflation and falling living standards. The protesters accuse the authorities of being unable to cope with the crisis, point to record inflation over the past 20 years. The country's leadership is criticized for its unwillingness to negotiate better gas prices with Russia, as well as for political pressure on opposition representatives.
Numerous polls show that about 60% of the country's population doubt the ability of the ruling Action and Solidarity party to hold on power for another three years before the next parliamentary elections. Also, about 70% of Moldovans are disappointed with the policy of the authorities and almost 65% support the idea of ​​changing the government.

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