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“They offered more money in the RPL”: coach Adiev about Kazakhstan, Karpin and Messi

On Saturday it was announced that Magomed Adiev has signed a new two-year contract with the national team of Kazakhstan. In a conversation with the specialist, he frankly told why he signed a new agreement, despite the presence of more profitable offers from the Russian Premier League (RPL). Adiev also admitted that the national teams of Russia and Kazakhstan will play a friendly match in February, and also wished Lionel Messi to become the world champion.

– Magomed Musaevich, how quickly did you agree on a new contract?– In principle, I and the federation had an understanding that it would be logical to continue cooperation. After the last games of the national team, the federation offered me a new contract, I asked for some time to think, about three weeks. I went home, the negotiations were over the phone. Over the course of the week, we slowly approached a common denominator. Arriving here, I settled all the details, the contract was signed. I think the negotiations for me and the federation were not difficult, because both sides were interested in continuing to work together.

– Do I understand correctly that the financial terms of the new contract have been improved compared to the previous agreement?

br>- I think conditions have improved. But I will tell you this, that before that I had the smallest conditions, probably of all the coaches of the Kazakhstan national team. I think it was (laughs). The money aspect is not a priority for me, it was the same with the first contract. We spoke with the president of the federation, it is clear that we are all people, that we all need financial independence. When I came here, I said that this is a great chance for me, a great honor, so money does not matter. To be honest, before starting work in the Kazakhstan national team, I only found out from the accountant two or three days later what my salary was, because it didn’t matter to me. It is clear that after such results, after joint fruitful work, the federation offered me more favorable conditions. Again, it is many times less than I could get in the Russian Premier League. I had such offers, I would have earned more there.

– When did you receive such offers?

– Recently, there has been great interest from a number of RPL clubs. They came out to me, probing the situation, whether I had a desire. But I weighed everything and decided to stay here. I did not drive people around the bush – “no, I will remain at the helm of the national team if nothing extraordinary happens.” Although a number of clubs were more specifically addressed. I am flattered that I can play in Europe with the national team, at the moment it is interesting for me as a coach. I understand that the rivalry with such teams, with great coaches, gives me additional development. neither our team can play in Europe. How do you feel about this situation?

– It is clear that this is a difficult period, but even at such a time there are positive moments. If you look at it from a slightly different angle, then we can now plunge headlong into the cultivation of our young players. We now see a lot of young guys in the friendly games of the Russian national team, who are called by Valery Karpin. I think that it is very right, we should give them a chance. Everything ends sooner or later. This too shall pass. There will still be a time when Russian football returns to the world stage. And these guys, whom we now trust in the national team and in the RPL clubs, will make up a more competitive team.

– How do you like Karpin's work in such difficult conditions? – Now it's hard to evaluate. To be honest, I have not seen the game with the national team of Kyrgyzstan, perhaps I will watch future games. Again, I evaluate all this in terms of what kind of guys Karpin calls. Yes, maybe they are not now one hundred percent players of the base, but he looks to the future, it is completely logical on his part.

– How do you look at the prospect of holding a friendly match with the national team Russia?

– I know that our football federations were in contact about the match, but did not agree on the dates. But the youth and youth teams played. In this regard, there is contact, why not play in the future, it is possible. Next year we have ten games, in March we start the qualifying round for Euro 2024. We are looking for a sparring partner for February. If our federations agree, why not. We will play with pleasure.

– The World Cup is ahead. What do you expect from him and do you plan to go to Qatar?

– Such big tournaments always show what vector of development football is taking. I look forward to the tournament with great interest. I have a desire to get to the match France – Denmark, let's see if it works out. As for forecasts, I am not a fan of forecasts at all. But I can say one thing: Lionel Messi is not far off the end of his career in the national team, he is a man and a football player of great rank. I would like him to become a world champion. These are just my human wishes.

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