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Tuktamysheva uncorks a bottle of wine: how the Empress took Moscow

The final day of the fourth stage of the season of the Russian Grand Prix series in figure skating was held on Sunday in Moscow at the “CSKA Arena” . Sports tells how the country's most experienced single skater Elizaveta Tuktamysheva was able to become the strongest in the capital.

“A class teacher and her students.” The fans joked about this when they showed the last warm-up of women on the broadcast. Tuktamysheva is the 25-year-old Empress of our figure skating. Her rivals are on average nine years younger. In recent years, we have become accustomed to the fact that in figure skating it is better to be younger. If you are older, then here is the title of a symbol, a banner, a guiding star. Let others take the medals.

The Moscow stage of the Grand Prix promised another triumph of youth. However, after the short program, Tuktamysheva was in the lead, albeit with a minimal advantage. She was the last to enter the free program. Before her were the very young and nimble girls who were supposed to overtake her.

Anastasia Zinina, for example, went in a free program for two quadruple sheepskin coats. After a short one, she was 14 points behind Lisa. A complex technical application could fix everything on one condition. It was necessary to roll back the program absolutely cleanly. Unfortunately, 15-year-old Nastya fell on the second sheepskin coat, making the first flawlessly, as well as on a triple flip. With such a performance, she had no chance to rise above fourth place (206.25 points). in the mixed zone. – Two falls. The coaches said that it was possible to leave from the second quadruple. A week ago I got very ill. The preparation was undermined. It was harder to skate than in training. “


Sophia Akatieva can even break through walls with her technical application. A 15-year-old girl performs a triple axel and two quadruple toeloops in a free program. By the way, for her, this is far from the maximum. After all, there are a couple of less stable quads in the arsenal, which are not yet suitable for the program. yourself with a jump kit. There were falls on all three ultra-si. Akatieva, who was in second place with a huge chance of becoming a leader, dropped to third position (225.37).

“I feel that there is more desire to perform in order to correct mistakes,” Akatieva said. – There was a flaw in training. Plus there was excitement, but it is always there. I will try to correct the mistakes, we will discuss everything with the coaches. We need to draw conclusions and move on. You can’t give up after unsuccessful rentals.Without Kamila Valieva, 16-year-old Sofia Muravyova is perhaps the main contender for the title of the most versatile figure skater. High components and a solid jumping application allow us to count on winning almost every tournament. After the short program at the Moscow Grand Prix, she was very close to Akatieva and Tuktamysheva. In the case of a clean free program, Muravyova had every chance to finish the tournament with a gold medal.In the application, she had two triple axels. As a result, the skater went to only one, making it great. If not for the fall on the triple lutz, one could say that the arbitrary Muravyova approached the ideal. However, Akatieva, whom many considered the favorite of the stage, she bypassed (second place, 230.56 points). in the mixed zone. – But there is something to work on. If I had not fallen, I could have become the first. After the fall, I came to my senses, then skated cleanly.”
And only after them did Tuktamysheva appear on the ice. Being the last one is another test. Yes, Elizabeth does not have a complex technical application, and the days of athletic youth have already passed. But she has tremendous experience and easiness.

At the first, she “dragged” the free program with two triple axels and won the tournament with a solid 234 .64 points. On the second “element” Tuktamysheva talked with journalists about the “non-drive” mood and about how many new handbags you can buy for 500 thousand rubles in prize money.

A day earlier, in an interview with Maxim Trankov, Liza told how she was recognized in the shop when she was buying wine. After the free program, one of the journalists asked how she would celebrate the victory.

“Wine for the victory? Yes, even if she hadn't won – why not? I don’t really understand, but I like the Italian “Chianti”, – said Tuktamysheva. Elizabeth, stay in the sport as long as possible, please. It will be boring without you – both on and off the ice.

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