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Wine for Tuktamysheva, hello for Bach: the Grand Prix stage in Moscow has ended


The fourth stage of the Russian Grand Prix in figure skating ended on Sunday in Moscow. His heroine was Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, who won the fight against two Sophias – Muravyova and Akatieva. The anti-hero, as in the first Moscow stage, was Mikhail Kolyada, who lost the lead with a failed free program. Sport sums up the results of the tournament.

Competitions were held on November 12-13 in the small hall of the CSKA Arena. The stands were filled only on Sunday, but even then not for the whole day. On Saturday, despite the intrigues and a solid line-up of participants, there were enough empty seats in the arena.

Two-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko suggested that the “fault” was his show “35 Years on Ice” that took place on the same day in Moscow. However, the events took place at different times. Yes, and Plushenko himself managed to bring student Sofya Muravyova to the short program, after which he performed at his gala concert.

Experience got the better of youth
For Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, the Moscow stage of the Russian Grand Prix was the first tournament in more than a month. In early October, she won the Panin Memorial in St. Petersburg, where there were no serious rivals. At least three of them are now expected. Tuktamysheva among them was not considered a clear favorite. The technical arsenal of Sofia Akatieva and Anastasia Zinina is seen as potentially more serious, while that of Muravyova is equivalent.

However, Tuktamysheva, at the age of 25, to which practically no one “survives” in modern women's single skating at the elite level, not only does not stand still, but also progresses. Both technically and choreographically. Axel in three and a half turns for the ex-world champion has already become almost an ordinary jump. And in recent weeks, a student of Alexei Mishin restored the quadruple sheepskin coat. True, she did not perform it at the Moscow stage.

In the short program for women, as you know, it is not needed – four-turn jumps are prohibited there. The trump card is the triple axel. Tuktamysheva, Akatieva and Muravieva performed this jump almost perfectly at the fourth stage and settled down in the intermediate protocol in the range of less than two points. Zinina also initially announced a short axel rental of three and a half turns, but did not do it, then referring to “force majeure circumstances.” Therefore, she took fourth place, more than 10 points behind the top three. ” />

In the free program, the skater got a four-turn sheepskin coat – the first ultra-c element of the day. However, only one of the two planned. flowed with joy. I did not disgrace myself or my school, “the figure skater admitted.

Muravyova, who followed, planned to perform two triple axels in a free program, but after a successful first jump, she did not take any more risks. In the middle of the program, the skater fell from a triple lutz. As it turned out later, this jump could bring her victory.However, this fact became clear after the last two participants of the tournament had been hired. First, Akatieva fell on the first three jump elements – a triple axel and four-turn sheepskin coats. After such a disastrous start, the student of Eteri Tutberidze managed to pull herself together, but it was already unrealistic for her to claim victory. Akat'yeva lagged behind Muravyova by more than five points, but she was ahead of Zinina. “, – noted Akatieva. – Probably, there was a flaw in training. Plus, there was excitement. Eteri Georgievna said that we need to draw conclusions and work further. “


Tuktamysheva, who was the last to perform, performed her two crown triple axels perfectly. She only made everyone who was worried about her nervous when she fell from a triple flip. However, the excitement passed quickly. The 2015 World Champion finished the program on experience without making a single mistake again. Tuktamysheva won, but the lead over Muravyova was just over four points. Just the same triple lutz plucked by a student of Evgeni Plushenko.The most experienced participant in the singles tournament, ahead of her young rivals, also answered the questions of journalists in an adult way. I didn’t win, why not? I don’t really understand, but I like the Italian Chianti,” Tuktamysheva admitted. gave the answer: gradually. “, she said.

Tuktamysheva assessed her performance critically in an adult way. that you can’t make mistakes anymore. It seemed to me that I didn’t convey the image in the right way. The fall could spoil the impression. Today was a non-driven state, I tried to concentrate on every element, I began to fuss in some places. But everything is in order, “concluded the skater.

Kolyada's trolling turned out better than the skates
Mikhail Kolyada's performance in the men's tournament was his main intrigue. At the first Moscow stage of the Grand Prix, the silver medalist of the 2018 Olympics team tournament “fell apart” and did not hold the intermediate lead of five points. Kolyada turned out to be below the line of winners, his free skate was so unsuccessful.At the current tournament, he performed flawlessly in the short program, even the quadruple jump took place in it. Despite the fact that it was the simplest of those, the sheepskin coat was generously appreciated by the skater. He scored over 100 points. Petr Gumennik, for example, performed two quads – salchow and rittberger (the second – with a blot), but lagged behind Kolyada by a little less than eight points.

But even today the three-time champion of Russia failed to take advantage. The pure performance of the most difficult free program “Tango in a madhouse” remains an unsolvable task for Kolyada. He fell from a quadruple sheepskin coat and did not try to do this element again. And those jumps that Mikhail performed were not enough to get ahead of Gumennik, who eventually took first place, and Alexei Mishin's groupmate Evgeny Semenenko, who became second.

After the performances, Kolyada, according to the tradition that has developed recently, trolls journalists with formal short answers. However, reporters did not remain in debt. They prepared for him for the final press approach a whole set of questions that seemed to be impossible to answer briefly. But the skater did it. Especially good was Kolyada's answer to the question of what he would say at the meeting with the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach. A simple word sounded to genius – “hello”.

In pair skating at the fourth stage of the Russian Grand Prix, no intrigue was expected. Champions of the team tournament of the 2022 Olympics Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Gallyamov have been the most stable Russian duo for several years now. And in Moscow they confirmed this quality again, having performed both programs cleanly and surpassing the points of the world record. Natalya Khabibullina and Ilya Knyazhuk, who outstripped the silver medalists of the Beijing Olympics Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov at the first capital stage, did not get a chance for a second sensation. br>At one of the moments, the coach of the champions Tamara Moskvina, watching the performance of the students, jumped for joy.

“We haven't seen such emotions from a coach for a long time. So, we did what she counted on,” Mishina said about this.


"I don't follow grades. I just look at the numbers and think – it seems normal. We focus on what feelings and whether Tamara Nikolaevna is satisfied, “added Gallyamov.

In the tournament of dancers at the fourth stage of the Russian Grand Prix, the three favorites were scheduled initially. The question was only the distribution within it.

As a result, Vasilisa Kaganovskaya and Valery Angelopol won their first adult victory. Sofya Tyutyunina and Andrey Bagin, who did not compete at the start of the series due to injuries, finished second. The third place was taken by Irina Khavronina and Dario Chirizano.

The fifth stage of the Russian Grand Prix in figure skating will take place next week in Samara.

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