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Gigot became his own in Marseille. Gladiator will not return to Spartak

Frenchman did not want to leave the Moscow team. Everything suited him here. Gigot was one of the leaders in the dressing room and enjoyed great prestige among the fans. No matter how hard times Spartak went through, as a rule, no one made serious claims to it. And his classic charges have become a symbol of the “red-white” of the last few years. The image of a gladiator fit him better than any other football player.

However, it was clear that he would have to make a choice between Spartak and the family that remained in France. All because of the divorce process. To maintain custody of his son Noel, the football player had to find a job within the European Union. You can only give him credit that he still gave all the best. Gigot did not break the contract or insist on a transfer, but worked out the agreement to the end and finally managed to help Spartak win the Russian Cup.

Do not forget that the capital club, thanks to such devotion to the Frenchman, even managed to earn decent money on his departure. Six months before the expiration of the contract, Luca Cattani agreed with Marseille on the sale for 500,000 euros on the condition that the player finish the season in Moscow. Although Gigot had every right to negotiate with any club and leave in the summer for free. True, it should be noted that the problems of Marseille also affected here, on which a transfer ban was imposed from the summer window. For the French, this was the only way to make a deal.Gigot left one of the most beloved legionnaires in the history of the club. Experts and ordinary fans unanimously spoke about what a serious loss this is for the team. They also doubted that someone would be able to replace the Frenchman paired with Georgiy Jikia and in the locker room as a whole. Although Spartak survived the breakup painlessly, Gigot is still remembered in the context of his indispensability.In France, Gigot was seen as a starter. In the summer, the team was led by Igor Tudor, who preaches a scheme with three central defenders. In addition, rented from “Manchester United” Eric Bailly more time treated than playing. There are practically no alternatives for the coaching staff. injuries. Already in early September, the Frenchman scored the first effective action for Marseille, scoring the winning goal in a meeting with Lille (2: 1). The defender and in Russia proved his usefulness with standards. Now fans of League 1 are convinced of this. It turned out to be a chic combination, which was clearly practiced in training.

In the previous round, he again brought the team three points – this time in a principled confrontation with Lyon (1:0). Here Gigot again demonstrated the ability to choose a position and play with his head. And after the goal, the Frenchman rushed to the stands of Marseille to share their joy. This picture echoed with pain in the hearts of Spartak fans. The joint celebrations of Gigot with the fan sector are still fresh in my memory, which in many ways made him the favorite of the “red-whites”.

Also, the Frenchman at home has already been noted for his fighting qualities, which have conquered many in Russia. In particular, he happened to break his head in martial arts and play in a bandage, as befits a real gladiator. He also has two removals to his credit. With Nantes, he got two yellow cards within 15 minutes, which did not prevent Marseille from winning (2: 1). But with “PSG” (0:1) Gigot retired immediately, performing the most severe tackle against Neymar. Frankly speaking, there was no sense in such a jump to the feet in the center of the field. Although the Marseille fans, who hate the Parisians, are ready to forgive Gigot even such irrational actions. The local FTC did not spare him and slammed two matches of suspension.

Gigot is not one of Marseille's best players this season. On the one hand, with his goals, he brought the team six important points. But if we take the general statistics, the defender does not show impressive performance. In addition, the French club did not perform well with him in the Champions League, losing four out of six matches and finishing last in the group. But he has already fallen in love with the fans with his attitude to business, fighting spirit, and has become a leader in the locker room. Often this is no less important than effective play directly on the field.

Will Gigot return to Russia?
Spartak's reunion with the Frenchman would sooner or later arise. This is normal when it comes to a football player who left such a bright mark in the history of the club and at the same time enjoyed great prestige. There is a recent example of Quincy Promes, who returned to Moscow after several years in Sevilla and Ajax. Yes, and Gigot himself did not hesitate to express warm feelings for the former club. He never denied that in the future he could return to Spartak.Mohammed Benshenafi, the player's agent, also spoke about this not so long ago. According to him, the Frenchman is very attached to Moscow and the team, so the option of returning cannot be ruled out. True, he also noted that at the moment his client is happy at Marseille and is not thinking about leaving. Indeed, there seems to be no sporting reason for Gigot to leave the current team.

In mid-autumn, rumors spread about the desire of Spartak to return the Frenchman, and already in winter. Allegedly, the management was dissatisfied with the signing of Mikhi Mevli and is now looking for an experienced player in the center of defense. Gigot looks like the perfect candidate. His connection with Jikia could be a factor that will allow the “red-white” to compete with “Zenith” for the championship. The rumor was perfectly combined with the fact that the football player’s divorce proceedings were over, which means that family problems no longer hold him back. The factor of inconvenient logistics remains, but at least no one can forbid him to see his children now.

However, the general director of Spartak, Yevgeny Melezhikov, has already announced the impossibility of making such a transfer. Even if Gigot was serious about returning, it is unlikely that the Red-Whites are ready to pay a large sum for him. The Frenchman will cost no less than eight million euros, for which the capital club once bought him. You can consider the option of renting, but why is Zhigot himself? He is trusted in Marseille, the team has good prospects in Ligue 1, as well as the opportunity to play in European competition. Sadly, “Spartak” is attractive to the defender only for friendly ties and nostalgia.

So Muscovites' fans can only rejoice at the success of their former favorite at home and wait. It is possible that a few years later, having already exchanged his forties, Zhigot will return to Russia. And now you have to be content with Mevlei.

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