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The Federation Council did not rule out a civil conflict in the United States after the 2024 elections

MOSCOW, Nov. 16 US congressional elections show deep division in society, both Democrats and Republicans doubt the legitimacy of the election process, according to the results of the presidential election, the scenario of a civil conflict in the United States cannot be ruled out, this opinion was expressed by the head of the international committee of the Federation Council Grigory Karasin.
“The congressional elections that took place on November 8 were not as scandalous and rigged as the election of President Joe Biden in 2020, but once again revealed the (shortcomings) of the archaic American electoral system,” the politician said at a plenary meeting of the Federation Council on Wednesday.< br>According to him, it is clear that the Democrats are losing control of the House of Representatives, but keep the Senate. At the same time, “the elections confirmed a deep split in American society, approximately in two,” he added.

Moreover, neither Republicans nor Democrats trust the results and doubt the legitimacy of the election process, Karasin said.

br>”As for the presidential election marathon in the United States in 2024, which, in fact, has already grown old, we will analyze the oddities characteristic of the so-called” underdeveloped democracies according to the criteria of the collective West and the OSCE controlled by it, such as dead candidates, ballot stuffing, malfunctioning machines for voting,” said the head of the Federation Council Committee.

Following the results of the elections to the US Congress, observers noted violations, including voting machines not working at a number of polling stations.
In addition, Karasin drew attention to the fact that in the United States there is no system of nationwide vote counting, which in practice takes place under the control of governors.
According to the legislator, the violations committed during the elections to Congress during the presidential elections may be repeated. he believes.
According to Karasin, all this is once again confirmed by the fact that the political values ​​and models that the United States export to other countries, they themselves intend to stick last, it's obvious.

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