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West not interested in escalation due to state of emergency in Poland, expert says

MOSCOW, Nov 16 Western leaders are not interested in escalating confrontation due to the incident with the rocket in Poland, behind which there are provocateurs, in this situation, any wrong action can provoke the Third World War, said the director of the Institute for Strategic Planning Alexander Gusev.
On the morning of November 16, US President Joe Biden called for an emergency meeting of the leaders of the G7 and NATO countries, who, like him, participated in the G20 summit in Bali. As a result, he said that the preliminary information refutes the fact that the rocket that fell in Poland was flying from Russia.
“The tolerant position of the American president speaks volumes. Both the American leadership and the European leaders are not interested in confrontation, because they are well aware that the situation is now so tense that any wrong, incorrect movement of the leaders of European and world states, the leading countries of the world can provoke a Third world war,” Gusev told the agency.

According to his forecast, a lengthy investigation into the incident will now be launched.

“This is an unpleasant event, it must be well imagined: two missiles fell on the territory of Poland. Poland is a NATO member country with all the ensuing consequences: a threat against any of the countries, according to Article 5 of the NATO Charter, leads to the protection of the interests of this countries by all NATO members. In fact, today we – not only Russia, but all the countries of Europe and the world – are in a very difficult, contradictory situation. There should be an investigation,” the expert said.

According to Gusev , it is obvious that Russia is not interested in forcing a confrontation with the West, so the shelling of Poland is a provocation, and the West understands this.
“This is all very serious, so I regard it (the situation) as a provocation. Of course, Russia is not interested in a confrontation with NATO and the collective West… Now only a mentally unhealthy person can involve NATO countries in a confrontation with Russia. this provocation is people who are interested in intensifying the confrontation and bringing the situation into a state of war,” he said.

Polish media on November 15 evening reported that two rockets fell on the territory of Poland – in the Lublin Voivodeship on the border with Ukraine, two people were killed. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic stated that the rocket that fell in Poland was Russian-made. Polish President Andrzej Duda noted that Warsaw does not have accurate information whose missiles fell on the territory of the republic.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, no strikes were made on targets near the Ukrainian-Polish state border, and published photos of some debris did not have nothing to do with Russian weapons. All statements by the Polish media about the alleged fall of “Russian” missiles are a deliberate provocation in order to escalate the situation.
According to military expert Aleksey Leonkov, Russian cruise missiles could not hit the territory of Poland, but abnormally fired Ukrainian missiles of the S- system could fly there. 300: there have already been such examples before, including the defeat by Ukraine of anti-aircraft missiles of its own residential buildings.
The Pentagon said that in this situation they intend to operate not with speculation, but with facts, for which there are sufficient opportunities to clarify. At the same time, until the facts are received, the Pentagon will not talk about the applicability of Article 5 of the NATO charter (on collective defense), said Patrick Ryder, spokesman for the military department.

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