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The Ukrainian was under investigation in Italy in the case of a neo-Nazi group

ROME, Nov 16 A citizen of Ukraine was under investigation in Italy in the case of participation in a neo-Nazi terrorist group, which was neutralized by local law enforcement officers, the Roman newspaper la Repubblica reported.
On Tuesday, Italy's state police released information that members of its special forces arrested four people in Naples, Caserta and Avellino who were members of an extremist organization called the Order of Hagala, operating in the southern region of Campania. Another suspect in this case was detained in Rome, but then released on bail. He is charged with propaganda and incitement to commit crimes based on racial, national and religious discrimination.
“Under investigation is also a citizen of Ukraine associated with ultra-right forces, who, as it turned out, returned to his homeland. Twenty-seven-year-old Anton Radomsky is from Ternopil, but is registered in Italy, in the city of Marigliano, where his father lives,” writes la Repubblica.

“Thanks to Radomsky, the Campania cell had contacts with neo-Nazi subversive and paramilitary formations operating in Ukraine. Radomsky, in particular, offered his “mediation” between the Hagal Order and neo-Nazi groups such as the Azov Battalion “* ,” the article says.

In addition, according to the investigation, members of the Italian subversive cell maintained “direct and frequent” contacts with Ukrainian nationalist organizations such as Right Sector** and Centuria. According to this information, the purpose of such contacts was probably “possible recruitment into the ranks of these militant groups.”

The investigating authorities believe that Radomsky intended to carry out an armed attack on the large shopping and entertainment center Vulcano buono near Naples. It also became known that in the house of one of the arrested, 25-year-old Giampiero Testo, a photograph was found in which he and Radomsky were captured with long-barreled weapons in their hands. In addition, videos were found where both members of the group were engaged in fire training at the training ground. The Ukrainian had a weapon, including a grenade, la Repubblica pointed out. From intercepted telephone conversations, Testo indicated that he wanted to attack the barracks of the Carabinieri in Marigliano.
* Terrorist organization banned in Russia
** Extremist organization banned in Russia

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