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RBC: book publishers suggested that due to the “vagueness of wording” in the bill on “LGBT propaganda”, “Quiet Flows the Don” and “Demons” may fall under it

Book publishers have suggested that “vague wording” in legislative initiatives related to the ban on “LGBT propaganda” and the demonstration of pedophilia threatens up to 50% of books on the Russian market. This is reported by RBC.

As Oleg Novikov, president of the Eksmo-AST publishing group, noted, this includes the literature of Viktor Pelevin, the biography of Pyotr Tchaikovsky and “many other things.” As examples of such books, the Russian Book Union (RKS) cited the works “Demons”, “Quiet Flows the Don”, “Lolita”, “Shulamith” and “Tess of the D'Urbervilles”. In them, the executive authorities can see pedophilia, polygamy, scenes of sexualized violence and molestation of minors, the RCC noted.

According to Sergei Makarenkov, general director of the Ripol Classic publishing house, the draft law lacks a “clear interpretation” of the terms “propaganda” and “demonstration.” Novikov also drew attention to the “too general nature of the wording and the lack of definitions in the legislation that reveal the content of the concepts used in the bill.” “mz-publish-context-cite__image” alt=”1″ />ArticleQueer resistance. Activists, lawyers, party organizers and fanfiction authors talk about a new law against “LGBT propaganda”

Alpina publishing group CEO Alexei Ilyin also discussed whether books with a study of homosexual relations between animals without subjective evaluation or works in which the positive character is gay. Ilyin believes that now it is not clear “what is possible and what is not.”

Publishers are also worried about whether the law will be retroactive, and whether writers need to “clean up” their books in accordance with the new rules. In addition, the law does not provide an understanding of who will be responsible for the examination of compliance with the requirements of the law. According to the calculations of the Alpina publishing group, this could take “about” one billion rubles.

Novikov added: “We also drew the attention of legislators to the piracy factor, since any content bans feed pirated resources. Already, the traffic of sites with pirated book content blocked in Russia has grown by 20% since February. This is the audience, the big data that will leak out of the country while publishers sort out expertise and rebuild processes.” mz-publish-context-cite__image” alt=”1″ />ArticleCut out the word “member”, paint over the text in black. As censorship (and more often self-censorship), war and sanctions made life difficult for publishers and authors of books

At the end of August, Khinshtein proposed introducing into the Code of Administrative Offenses articles related to the ban on LGBT “propaganda”, which involve fines of up to 5 million rubles, expulsion from Russia and arrest up to 15 days. In particular, he prepared draft articles on “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations and (or) preferences”, “dissemination among minors of information demonstrating non-traditional sexual relations and (or) preferences”, and “propaganda of pedophilia”.

In more In one bill, the deputies decided to prescribe the inadmissibility of “materials promoting non-traditional sexual relations.” We are talking about changes in the laws “On Advertising”, “On the Mass Media”, in the criteria for issuing rental certificates. Parliamentarians proposed using a special “code” to give adults access to content with “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” on paid streaming services.

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