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Russian Embassy condemns criticism of Vučić's meeting with Kadyrov's adviser

BELGRADE, Nov 17 Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botan- Kharchenko condemned the whipping up of hysteria and criticism in the local opposition media after the meeting of the President of the country Alexander Vučić with the adviser to the head of Chechnya, Turko Daudov. peoples of Russia. The ambassador expressed his gratitude to Vučić, noting that there were those who did not like such a gesture.

“The reaction of the “tolerant” Westerners is hysterical. What is this if not bad manners and Russophobia?” – said the head of the Russian diplomatic mission.
Daudov reported on social networks on November 15 that Vucic received him in Belgrade, as Ramzan Kadyrov personally asked his adviser “to express respect and convey that the centuries-old fraternal relations between Russia and Serbia once again showed their strength “. The guest from the Caucasus handed over a Chechen cloak and hat, and also published a photo with the president, who tried on the gifts. Vučić himself and his administration did not report on the meeting with Kadyrov's adviser either on official websites or in social networks. gifts and traces of “malicious Russian activity”. Thus, the Danas newspaper cited the opinion of three experts at once, who called the photo in Daudov's social networks “not funny, but dangerous” evidence of Russian secret influence on Vucic.

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