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Pamfilova spoke about American diktat in international organizations

MOSCOW, Nov. 18 standards, they were proposed in the OSCE, but all international organizations are actually under American diktat, said Ella Pamfilova, chairman of the Central Election Commission of Russia. “We even see the UN, the WHO, take all international organizations – in fact, they are all under the dictates of the American, Anglo-Saxon. Now, more than ever, this is manifesting itself,” Pamfilova said on the air of the Belarusian ONT TV channel.
According to her, the essence of all the “beautiful” Western words: “If it's our way, then you have a chance to be a semi-slave, a vassal, but to be. Or we will destroy you.”

“Here. And all organizations play along with this There is no point in throwing pearls … No point. We must proceed from the interests of our people but, their national traditions, history, culture and modern challenges that must be overcome in order for the country, society, the state to develop – this is the main thing,” the head of the CEC of Russia noted.

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