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The media revealed the West's plan for Russia, destroyed by China

MOSCOW, 18 Nov. Western countries' dream of severing cooperation between China and Russia is unrealistic, writes the German edition Der Spiegel.
According to the author of the article, Georg Farion, the G20 summit became a symbol of this failure.
“Beijing certainly has not turned its back on the Russian flag “, – the publication says.

According to the observer, the relations between Moscow and Beijing can be judged by the stable position of the PRC regarding the situation in Ukraine.

“In September, thousands of soldiers of the Chinese army took part in large-scale military exercises “Vostok” in Russia. It did not even occur to Beijing to refuse to participate. As for Ukraine, the Chinese media continue to accuse NATO of fomenting war,” the publication stressed.
At last week's G20 summit, China spoke against the exclusion of Russia from the G20 and other international forums.
Chinese politicians have repeatedly noted that, despite the current situation and attempts by the West to break cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, friendly relations The relations between the countries will only get stronger.

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