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Easy walk for Germany and Spain? All about Group E at the 2022 World Cup


Sports have already told about half of the teams of the upcoming World Cup. Now we will talk about group E. In it, the powerful teams of Spain and Germany will try to confirm their status in the fight against uncomfortable teams from Japan and Costa Rica.


  • Last Worlds participation: 2018;

  • Worlds best result: world champion (2010).

After losing to Russia at the 2018 World Cup, Spain's leading sports newspaper Marca published a fresh issue with the loud headline “Departure of the Golden Generation”. In the photo – downcast Iniesta, Pique, as well as other heroes of the successful 00s and early 10s. br>Only Sergio Busquets remained in the “Red Fury” from that gang. For the past four years, the midfielder has led the national team to the field with the captain's armband. There is no doubt that Luis Enrique will entrust him with this role again.

For the rest of the positions, the ex-coach of Barcelona has reshuffled. Enrique remained true to himself and plays attacking football with short passes. “Tiki-taka” still works. The Spaniards reached the semi-finals of last year's Euro, and also made it to the final of the League of Nations. In the qualifying round of the World Cup, the team took first place, having suffered only one defeat.

Enrique's team has a chance to get into the top four in the upcoming tournament. The current composition, of course, is inferior to the “golden generation”. However, this team has the opportunity to aim for victory in Qatar.

Costa Rica


  • Last Worlds participation: 2018;

  • Worlds Best Score: Finals 1/4 (2014).

Before the start of the qualifying tournament in the CONCACAF zone, Costa Rica was led by Colombian Luis Fernando Suarez. The team together with him confidently qualified for the World Championship. Under his leadership, the Ecuador national team reached the playoffs of the 2006 World Cup. After 16 years, Suarez is determined to repeat the sensation with a new team.

The main advantages of Costa Rica are a high-quality game in the air and lightning-fast counterattacks. The backbone is still Joel Campbell, Yeltsin Tejeda, Francisco Calvo, Brian Ruiz and Keylor Navas. All of them became heroes for the country after the 2014 World Cup. At that tournament, the team reached the quarterfinals, defeating the Uruguayans and Italians in the group, as well as the Greeks in the playoffs.

In Russia, the fairy tale could not be repeated. The chances of Suarez's wards can be called scanty this time as well. Teams Spain and Germany look like the clear favorites of the group.


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  • Last World Cup participation: 2018;

  • Best World Cup result: world champion (1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014).
  • The German national team usually makes it to the playoffs with ease and often finishes in the top four. An exception occurred in Russia. The team of Joachim Loew came to the tournament as current world champions, but took fourth place in the group.

    Now the team is under the guidance of a new coach. Lev was replaced by Hans-Dieter Flick. The specialist came after an impressive spell at Bayern. The Munich team scored 70 wins with him in 86 official matches.

    The ex-coach of Bayern also has no problems in the national team. The German Machine won the qualifying group with 36 goals in 10 matches. At the same time, the team scored nine victories, losing only to North Macedonia.

    Germany and Spain are likely to reach the playoffs of the World Cup in Qatar. Flick has good chances for the final victory.

    The tournament could be a high point for Jamal Musiala. The 19-year-old child prodigy has broken a number of historical records for Bayern and the Bundesliga. The midfielder chose a year ago which team he would play for. With English and German citizenship, Musiala chose to play for Bundesteam.


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  • Last WCH participation: 2018;

  • Best WCH result: 1/8 finals (2002, 2010 , 2018).
  • The Japanese team started the qualifying tournament with unexpected defeats in two rounds. Then the team got together and went on a six-game winning streak. This was enough to enter Qatar directly. Leading the defense is Takehiro Tomiyasu, who joined Arsenal from Bologna in 2019. Takefusa Kubo and Daichi Kamada are the main players in midfield. Kubo is fixed in the Spanish Example, and Kamada helped Eintracht win the Europa League. Takuma Minamino's career is on the rise. The striker has not established himself in Liverpool and is now settling in Monaco.

    The Japanese national team has experience entering the playoffs at the World Cup. However, in those cases, the opponents were not the strongest. This time, the chances of success seem more illusory.

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