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Messi will bring victory to Argentina? Announcement of Group C of the World Cup

Sports continues the story about the participants of the World Cup in Qatar. Group C is next in line. In it, the past and present of Barcelona will meet – Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski.


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  • Last Worlds Participation: 2018;

  • Worlds Best Score : champion (1978, 1986).
  • Wards Lionel Scaloni experienced no problems in the selection and came to the World Cup in the rank of the best team in South America. A year earlier, the Argentines won the coveted Copa, Leo Messi's first trophy in a national team jersey. At the same time, the national team is having a hard time going through a generational change. So far, Argentina is being led by Messi and Angel di Maria, who have been together for about 70 years.

    The team cannot find equivalent replacements for Gonzalo Higuain and Sergio Aguero. If Lautaro Martinez regularly scores, then Paulo Dybala cannot boast of performance. There are no problems in other lines. Midfield and defense are represented by new talents: Giovanni Lo Celso, Angel and Joaquin Correa, Emiliano Martinez, Alexis McCallister.

    The current coach of the Scaloni national team worked at the World Cup in Russia as an assistant to Jorge Sampaoli. Argentina then showed nondescript football. Therefore, the mentor faces a difficult task. Will Scaloni be able to bring the younger generation to the peak during the main tournament of the four years? Success at the last Copa America is already over: Scaloni will have to prove that the triumph in South America was not an accident.

    Saudi Arabia

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    • Last Worlds participation: 2018;

    • Best WCH result: 1/8 finals (1994).

    In 1994, the Saudis made their first appearance at the World Cup. Then no one could have imagined that a team from the Middle East would sensationally leave the group and be eliminated only at the 1/8 final stage. debut in the United States, the Saudi Arabian team missed two tournaments in 28 years. So far, the best result has not been repeated. The team was content only with the performance in the group stages.

    In order not to come to the tournament again as whipping boys, the local football federation invited Herve Renard. The French coach started work immediately after the World Cup in Russia. For a four-year cycle, Renard thoroughly studied the local players.

    The result exceeded expectations. The Saudis took first place in the qualifying group, ahead of group favorites Japan and Australia. Can Renard's team now surpass the formidable rivals of Poland, Argentina and Mexico?


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  • Last WCH participation: 2018;

  • Best WCH result: 1/4 finals (1970, 1986 years).
  • Since 1994, the Mexicans have steadily passed the group stage and dropped out at the 1/8 final stage. Therefore, the national team has repeatedly talked about the desire to get into the eight strongest teams on the planet.The current team is coached by Gerardo Martino, known for his work in Barcelona and the Argentina national team. For three years at the helm of the Mexicans, the specialist suffered only two defeats in official matches. Martino is constantly attracting new names. The national team consists mainly of players from the local league. The backbone is complemented by players who consistently perform in Europe. The most famous are Raul Jimenez (Wolverhampton Wolves), Irving Lozano (Napoli) and Andres Guardado (Betis).

    The Mexican national team has always been considered an uncomfortable team. Latin Americans build tough defensive football with quick counterattacks that have led to sensational victories more than once. In Russia, the Mexicans beat the then-current world champions of the Germans. In Qatar, the team can surprise and use an unusual attacking style. Will Martino succeed?


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  • Last Worlds Participation : 2018;

  • World Cup best result: third place (1974, 1982).
  • Team in the 21st century three times unsuccessfully performed at the world championships. The team was content only with the group stages. Therefore, failures in major tournaments are painfully perceived in the country.

    After the group stage in the selection, the Poles got into the joints where they were supposed to meet with Russia. Already in February 2022, head coach Paulo Souza left the post. The search for a successor caused turmoil. The final choice fell on Cheslav Mikhnevich. The decision caused a mixed reaction among the fans.

    The play-offs also came out controversial. The Poles did not play the semi-final with Russia due to the removal of Karpin's team from international tournaments. In the final, Mikhnevich's wards defeated Sweden. However, the skepticism of the fans has not disappeared.

    In society, there is still an opinion that the team won not on the case. In the event that the Polish national team enters the playoffs, criticism will definitely decline.


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