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In Novosibirsk, neurosurgeons saved a patient from tremors with the help of brain surgery

Specialists of the National Medical Center. Meshalkin in Novosibirsk performed a unique operation on the brain of a patient who suffered from severe tremor. A minimally invasive intervention allowed the man to return to normal life immediately after discharge. /medportal.ru/pictures/news/8e85b07f-0326-4848-b303-792f299f132e/medium.jpg” />

In 2014, a resident of Novosibirsk had an accident and received a severe head injury, after which he was in a coma for a long time. The man recovered, but four years later he developed a specific disorder: involuntary sweeping movements of his right hand, similar to the beating of a wing. The tremor was especially pronounced when trying to perform an action or hold an object in the hand.

According to the patient, the tremor caused huge problems, because the hand was “absolutely beyond his control.” The man could not control his movements so much that he repeatedly hit himself and pulled out door handles when trying to open the doors. He turned to various specialists, underwent examinations, took prescribed drugs, but there was no result.

Neurosurgeons of the Center. Meshalkin, to whom the man turned, decided to have surgery. He underwent a radiofrequency thalamotomy, a minimally invasive intervention aimed at the destruction of certain areas of the thalamus.

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“This tremor is particularly resistant to conservative therapy. In these cases, radiofrequency destruction can serve as an effective method of treatment. Currently, this technique is being replaced by implantation of deep brain stimulation systems. However, for a number of neurological disorders, especially with unilateral symptoms, destructive surgery has advantages, freeing a person from device implantation,” said neurosurgeon Martin Kilchukov.

The operation was planned based on the results of magnetic resonance imaging. The positive effect was noticeable even during the intervention: the patient was conscious all the time and was in contact with the surgeons.

After the operation, the severity of tremor significantly decreased in the man, thanks to which he was able to return to daily activities without restrictions, experts said.

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