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Mummies with tattoos found in Egypt

MOSCOW, 14 Nov. Two mummies with tattoos have been found at the site where the city of Deir el-Medina was located from 1550 to 1070 BC, according to the Daily Mail.
The remains belong to women who died between the ages of 25 and 34. The images on their bodies were inscribed on the lower back.
Archaeologists believe that the tattoos may have been made during pregnancy to protect mother and child. The drawings are associated with the deity Bes, the patron of the hearth and future mothers. There is also a tattoo, which is an image of a bowl. It means postpartum ritual. The researchers found on the body of the deceased and a drawing of the eye of Horus, symbolizing protection and health.

Several figurines were found along with the mummies. They also have similar signs and in the same places as on the bodies of the deceased. According to scientists, all this only confirms that tattoos were applied as amulets.

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