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Scientists have reconstructed the appearance of a pregnant Egyptian on her mummy

MOSCOW, Nov 10 . Mummy scientists have reconstructed the appearance of an ancient Egyptian woman known as the “Mysterious Lady”. This is a woman who died at the 28th week of pregnancy in the 1st century BC at the age of 20 to 30 years, writes the Daily Mail. With the help of modern technology, experts have compiled two possible portraits. They cannot be called accurate. But the skull is unique, explains anthropologist Chantal Milani. It can be used to judge the shapes and proportions of the face. “An important element is the reconstruction of the thickness soft tissues. For this, we have statistical data for various populations around the world,” Milani specifies. The mummy was found in the early 1800s in the royal tombs in Thebes. She was brought to Warsaw as early as 1826. In 1920, the inscriptions on her sarcophagus were deciphered. Judging by them, the scientists decided that the body belongs to the priest of Gor-Dzhehuti. In 2021, an article was published in which sensational data was presented. The scan showed it was a woman and she was pregnant. Why the fetus was not extracted in preparation for burial is unknown. So far, the Mysterious Lady is the only surviving mummy of a pregnant woman. Later it turned out that the Egyptian, most likely, died of cancer of the nasopharynx.


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