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Ravshana Kurkova: a female character used to “serve” the protagonist

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MOSCOW, September 20, Anna Nekhaeva.The new series “The Seagulls” is about volleyball players. The coach, tough Maksim Topol (Mikhail Porechenkov), wants to make the team a national champion. Captain Lera (Ravshana Kurkova) is a girl with a difficult past. Athletes will have to fight not only for the title of the best, but also with personal problems. For the premiere of the project, the leading lady spoke about how things are with equality in the Russian film industry, what helps to keep in shape and why, after the birth of a child, she approaches the choice of characters differently.
— In the first series of “Seagulls “The hero of Mikhail Porechenkov says the phrase “I do not work with women.” Have you experienced sexism in your field?
– Previously, the female character in our country mainly served (if I may say so) the main character: she worked, as a rule, for the development of his line, the disclosure of his character. In recent years, the situation has changed – there are more and more self-sufficient, strong, voluminous, central female images in movies and TV shows. And this cannot but rejoice.

— And what is the ratio of screen time, salaries, privileges for actors and actresses in Russia?

— As far as I I know actors get paid more. But, perhaps, this situation is not only in Russian cinema.
— Can this be changed somehow?
— It would be fair if the situation changed in the direction of equality. We work no less and in the same conditions. But I don't know how to really influence the situation.

—There are a lot of sports dramas being filmed lately. How are The Seagulls different from others?

– The emphasis here is on personal stories, on victories and defeats outside the sports field.
– What was the main challenge for you in this project?
– That in a short time I had to learn how to work normally with the ball in the frame. Before pre-production, I didn't even play volleyball at the amateur level, so the challenge was serious.

— How did you train to look convincing as a professional athlete?

– The current Russian volleyball champion Anna Belova was engaged in our preparation before the filming process, and directly during it. On close-ups, our task is to win back hits and falls as technically as possible. And in general, absolutely all actresses had professional understudies – real volleyball players.
— What is your daily sports and beauty routine?
– Yoga several times a week, strength training – periodically. Vitamin D and omega-3 I use daily, I drink a lot of water, I am indifferent to alcohol, fast food, nicotine, I monitor the amount of sugar. I try to sleep at least seven to eight hours a day, I go to bed early.

– What else do you do to stay in good shape?

– I pamper myself with a massage when I can. I do not abuse decorative cosmetics, I love home care. I move a lot. However, with my lifestyle and with a small child, you can’t sit on the couch much.
— Are you ready for the role to radically change your figure, hairstyle?
— Ready. The main thing is that it should be necessary, justified and that there should be an interesting creative task.

– In an interview, you said that you have no acting education. And at the same time – a successful career in cinema. Is your example an exception or proof that everything is possible?

— Semyon Farada, Vera Glagoleva, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Yuri Nikulin, who, as you know, graduated from the circus and did not study in the theater, that's who immediately comes to mind. All these wonderful artists do not have a special acting education.
If you have the ability and diligence, you can succeed in any chosen business. But it is important to understand that everyone has their own destiny. Someone was lucky to start with a leading role in a notable project, and someone starts with episodes in passing series and goes to professional demand for many years – my case, for example, is like this.
The main thing is to accept and respect your path, even when it seems that you are at an impasse, do not give up, keep believing and developing.

— Now you choose the projects yourself. What are you guided by and what role would you never agree to?

— I look at the story, my heroine in it, at the director, how he works on tests, at partners. I do not agree if they offer something, for example, that has already been played many times. Or when the script is weak and the director is indifferent to the material.
— Tell us about your participation in the “Last Instance” project.
— Director Olga Akatieva, with whom we worked on the “I Read” project, invited me to participate in “Last Instance”. My character is shown in a single episode in the last series, but this is an application for one of the main roles of the next season. The character is interesting, plus Olya put together an excellent team, so I agreed with pleasure.


— Not so long ago you became a mother. How have your priorities changed? Has this influenced the projects you are involved in?

— Yes, I have become even more demanding in my choice, I am no longer a reckless driver on the set, I give stunts and other dangerous things to stunt doubles and stuntmen. Other than that, I'm just a working mom. For the entire six months of filming “The Seagulls”, for example, my son was with me – both in St. Petersburg, and in Kaliningrad, and in Sosnovy Bor.
– A couple of years ago you said: I don’t think that I have succeeded as an actress. What is missing to “close the gestalt”?
— I said that not everything that we would like has been played yet. Over the past few years, it has been interesting in terms of work, it’s a sin to complain. But there is still much, God willing, to be done. I really hope that I will have such an opportunity.
The new series “The Seagulls” is being released on the TV channel “Russia”.

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