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The Network criticized Sobchak after her words about a difficult period in life

MOSCOW, 21 Nov. Netizens criticized Ksenia Sobchak after her words about the difficulties of the past two years. The reason for the indignation was the post leading in the social network.

"In 1921, it seemed that everything was wrong and wrong: vaccinations, underground restaurants, the difficulties of flights, a coach at home. And then it became clear that 2021 was a happy year. Now the main wish for New Year's Eve is that 2022 will not be remembered as quite a happy one,” the celebrity wrote.

Subscribers accused Sobchak of not understanding the problems of ordinary people. In their opinion, the journalist has nothing to complain about.

“So everything is fine with you! What kind of whining?”, “What do you know about the difficulties!”, “What’s wrong with you, Xenia? You are chained to a wheelchair, you have nothing to buy bread for?”, “ Only those who saw it and felt it in their own skin can understand the horror of what is happening. Ksenia is engaged in verbiage, “commentators were indignant.
Earlier, Tina Kandelaki accused Sobchak of hypocrisy after revealing information about her dual citizenship. In addition, she hinted at the presence of custom-made materials on the resources of the journalist.

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