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A resident of the damaged house in Donetsk spoke about the Ukrainian shelling

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strong> A resident of a damaged private house in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk spoke about the consequences of Ukrainian shelling.
Donetsk Mayor Aleksey Kulemzin said on Friday evening that two civilians – men born in 1944 and 1962 – were killed as a result of shelling by Ukrainian troops of the Petrovsky district of the city. He also reported on the victims.
Local resident Tatyana said that she was not at home when the shelling occurred, but her elderly mother and daughter with a friend were there.
“”My daughter called – crying, screaming, we have, she says, the fence was demolished, the glass flew out, the house is terrible. <…> I'm afraid – quickly go home. Thank God, everyone is alive,” she said .
According to her, those who were at home were severely deafened, her daughter's friend had a cut in her face, probably with glasses, and her daughter had blood behind her ear.

She added that shelling had become a frequent occurrence – and at that moment there was a sound of a flying projectile. Sitting down and listening a little, Tatyana, taught by experience, calmly said: “It flew over.”
Petrovsky district of Donetsk is located on the western outskirts of the administrative center of the DPR, it is the most distant part of the city from the center. Since 2014, when the DPR declared independence from Kiev, this area, starting from the line of contact outside the city of Marinka, has been regularly shelled by Ukrainian security forces.


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