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Partners and employees of Wildberries were outraged by the fines: the prosecutor's office began an audit

Riot of “wild berries”

On March 14, “riots” of operators of Wildberries ordering points began in Russia. Branches are closed in many cities. Store owners are outraged by the unreasonable draconian fines that they say leave them with little to no pay. Well, the marketplace itself is on the defensive and calls dissatisfied partners “uncivilized”, threatening to suspend cooperation with them “for security purposes”.

Wild Berry Riot

It all started yesterday, when owners of pick-up points (POIs) gathered in Moscow near the main office of Wildberries, dissatisfied with the working conditions. A number of outlets stopped working in Barnaul; on March 15, some points in Vladivostok, Barnaul, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg and many other cities did not open. The announcement on the door of one of the Irkutsk pickup points reads: “We are temporarily refusing to serve customers until our requirements are met and our salary is returned.” The owners of outlets are outraged by the new terms of the offer that the marketplace has prepared for them since March 3 – money is debited from them (100% of the cost of the goods), if a defect came from the seller to the pickup point, which the buyer returns on this occasion back to the point of issue. If the parcel contains the wrong product, the money is also debited from the pickup point. Such fines effectively leave employees without pay. “They're fined for someone else's marriage, why should we pay?!” – such is the essence of the wrath of the dissatisfied.

«MK» I talked to the owner of one of the pickup points located in the Moscow region. The owners of items work with Wildberries under an offer agreement. 

– The Wildberries marketplace can make changes to this agreement at least every day, and we can’t do anything, – complained «MK» PVZ owner. – As they put it: “If you don't want to cooperate, close it!” But before closing, you need to pay a fine of 100,000 — if the item has not worked for 12 months.

– I fully agree with these requirements and would add more. For example, to leave fixed percentages. And then you will open at 4%, and they can reduce it to 2%. As for fines, fines for marriage have been in place for half a year already…

And, although we are still talking about the claims of the owners of points of issue of goods, dissatisfaction is also brewing among workers in warehouses. And also because of the fines.

– I've been working in a warehouse for six years, but it used to be much better – told «MK» warehouse worker in Podolsk Tatiana. – It got really bad at the end of December. Wild fines every day. Previously, at least some money remained, and then there were such fines that the salary could not stand…

– We are forced to lay out the marriage, which the supplier takes back. This is a broken item, torn, or damaged. They began to hang a fine on me for laying out defective goods. And I have no right not to decompose it. It must be unpacked in order to be assembled and sent to the supplier.  

– We have not received a salary since the beginning of February. And in order to find a new job, you need to have at least some money in reserve to live while you are looking…

According to Tatyana, they report in their public that Wildberries has already begun to fire employees who are participating in the strike, and deactivate pick-up points and take goods out of them by trucks.

"MK" contacted the marketplace for clarification. The existing facts of protests are stubbornly rejected there.

– The points of issue of orders continue to work as usual, – answered «MK» at the press service of Wildberries. – Information about the “strike” does not correspond to reality. Orders can be received without restrictions.

The press service said that on March 14, “about 10-15 people came to the office, who called themselves “representatives of partner pick-up points”, but refused to provide their data to both us and the law enforcement officers whom we invited to office».

– Telegram channels made a big deal out of molehills and presented it as a “revolt”, but they represent only 0.1% of their total. These representatives expressed dissatisfaction with the increased security measures due to the substitution of goods – and this remains an urgent problem, and, first of all, for sellers of goods.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous buyers or managers of points of issue of orders can replace goods – for example, for cheap analogues or goods without labeling. To prevent this from happening, managers of points of issue must check them when returning goods. Therefore, we have introduced additional protection against substitutions. We expect that thanks to these measures, the share of fraud will decrease by several times, – commented on «MK» at the press office.

Meanwhile, on the initiative of Deputy Dmitry Gusev, a meeting was held in the State Duma on March 15 with representatives of the points of issue of orders. “We were told that applications would be submitted to the FAS, to the prosecutor’s office, the situation is serious, they promised to help us, – said the partners of the marketplace, who called themselves “slaves of the Wildberries”.

Deputy Gusev promised that next week the FAS would hold a meeting where the issue of the marketplace would be considered, and also spoke about the preparation of amendments to the current legislation in part prohibition on unilateral change of “the contracts under which they work”; and prohibition of retroactive changes. “The Wildberries company, unfortunately, did not come,” – the parliamentarian noted, promising to continue to look into the situation.

The Prosecutor General's Office also announced the start of an audit of information that appeared in the media about the violation of the labor rights of Wildberries workers, including illegal deductions of funds from their wages.



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