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Six Wrong, But Almost Official Recommendations for Combating Obesity

False notions that so many people think are correct.

Health myths don't just pop up among the people. Their sources can be online popular science publications, poor quality research, and even outdated sections of official manuals. Let's take a look at some questionable weight loss recommendations and claims.

Weight loss can be achieved with small lifestyle changes. There is an opinion that if you regularly exercise a little (walk an extra 200 meters) and slightly adjust the diet (do not eat a couple of extra potato chips), then in total it will have an impressive effect on weight. Such ideas came from old theoretical research.

Alas, in practice it turned out that the “adding” of the effects of small changes occurs with large losses, which make them meaningless. The body successfully resists him, trying to maintain the same weight. A more intensive program is required to deal with it.

Language can also lose weight. And it helps to get rid of sleep apnea

Scientists have found that reducing the amount of fat in the tongue gives the most significant relief from obstructive sleep apnea. To lose weight, the tongue does not require special measures: it loses fat when a person loses weight in general.

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You need to set realistic goals. That is, if before losing weight you say to yourself “I will lose 2 kilograms in 2 weeks”, this should work better than “I will get rid of severe obesity in a month.” In general, this sounds reasonable, since an unreached goal can be discouraging.

However, studies show that this is at least not always the case: the relationship between the level of ambition of the weight loss plan and the results achieved has not been found. Some studies even claim that the more radical weight loss goals, the better the performance.

Fast weight loss leads to poor long-term results. This implies that slow or moderate weight loss has more permanent results.

Such a prejudice about drastic weight loss arose a long time ago, when low-calorie diets with extremely low nutritional value appeared. Since then, diets have changed a lot, but the recommendation to lose weight slowly has remained for a long time. Research shows that more weight before weight loss and more weight loss are associated with better long-term performance. children. Apparently, this is not so. In any case, the analysis from the Cochrane Fellowship does not confirm this. Perhaps changes in the program or organization of physical education lessons can change the situation.

Sexual intercourse is a full replacement for other forms of physical activity. There is a well-known claim that sexual activity helps to burn from 100 to 300 kilocalories for each person involved at a time. But real calculations show that for such energy losses, the duration of sexual intercourse should be about an hour. The average duration of sexual intercourse is 6 minutes, a person 30-40 years old burns about 20 calories during this time – 14 more than watching TV.

Snacking – one of the reasons for the appearance of excess weight. Some epidemiological studies suggest this, meaning the level of evidence is low. A randomized trial that compared a group of snack-loving people with a control group did not confirm this.


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