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Scary, but very important: how to prepare for a chemotherapy appointment

Anastasia Danilova, an oncologist and chemotherapist at the Moscow City Oncological Hospital No. 2, has compiled a detailed memo for patients who are preparing for treatment.

Cancer diagnosis is a huge stress for everyone who has faced it. But at this moment, it is more important than ever to be collected and attentive in order to draw up a treatment plan with the doctor and go through it. These simple, but very important recommendations from a medical practitioner will help you prepare for your chemotherapy appointment, which largely determines how effective the therapy will be.

1. The patient must personally discuss his treatment plan with the oncologist, otherwise the consultation will not be complete and it will be difficult for the specialist to develop an adequate plan of action. Take a loved one with you if it is difficult for you to come on your own.

2. Take to the appointment all the documents that relate to your health, even if they were made a long time ago – extracts, results of tests and examinations, morphological conclusions. It is advisable to arrange them in a folder with separate files in chronological order so that the doctor can devote more time to you, rather than parsing documents. Separately, write down the names of the medicines you take.

3. If you have been examined with an MRI or CT, be sure to bring a disc or burn the images to a USB stick, this is very important. It is important for a doctor not only to look at the conclusion, but also to look at the images of the studies himself in order to correctly assess the situation and draw up a treatment plan.

4. Do you have “blocks” and “glasses” after the biopsy or histology? Great, take them with you too. It is possible that additional analyzes will be required on this material.

5. If you already have questions to ask your doctor, write them down ahead of time. This will help you remember to ask about what is important to you during the appointment.

6. Be patient. Your doctor's appointment may be delayed for a variety of reasons. If you are registered, the doctor will definitely see you and do everything possible to help you.


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