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Basta apologized to Dmitry Maslennikov

MOSCOW, 16 Mar. Rapper Basta (Vasily Vakulenko) publicly apologized to blogger Dmitry Maslennikov on his social network after fans condemned him for aggressive behavior in a recent episode of the YouTube show “Question Edge”.

"The latest issue of the program "Question by Edge" has been released. The guest of this program was Dima Maslennikov. You write that I constantly interrupted him and did not let him talk, put pressure on him and behaved in a boorish way. Dima, please forgive me,” the musician wrote.

The rapper also offered to reshoot the release of the program in order to “correct the situation.”
“I just now realized how cruel, callous and very unprofessional I am. Let's do this: if there is an opportunity to correct this situation, I propose to re-shoot The Question Point-blank. You will be the only one to speak,” the artist concluded.
Users reacted ambiguously to the post. Many doubted the sincerity of Basta's apology.
“”This doesn't look like an apology”, “Witly joked or apologized?”, “It would be better not to record a video than like this with sarcasm”, “What a circus!” commentators said.
But there were those who supported the rapper.

“Vasily, it's a pleasure to listen to you”, “The best!”, “I love the irony from Basta”, “Well done!” users wrote.

Maslennikov himself has not yet responded to Basta's apology.

Earlier, Vakulenko was criticized on the Web for harsh remarks against Dmitry Maslennikov. In their opinion, Basta behaved aggressively, interrupted the blogger and did not let him speak.


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