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Chekalina's bloggers plead not guilty to money laundering charges

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MOSCOW, Mar 16

MOSCOW, Mar 16

strong> Bloggers Valeria and Artem Chekalina pleaded not guilty to charges of money laundering on an especially large scale, according to the Telegram channel of the Moscow prosecutor's office.
“They did not plead guilty,” the message says. The head of the RF IC announced that a criminal case had been opened against blogger Valeria Chekalina for tax evasion. According to investigators, from July 2020 to July 2022, Chekalina, being an individual entrepreneur and using a simplified taxation system with an allowable income limit of 150 million rubles a year, having received income from fitness marathons and not wanting to pay VAT and personal income tax, attracted spouse and other relatives. As a result, she did not pay more than 300 million rubles. On Thursday, investigators announced the initiation of a second criminal case against millionaire blogger Lerchek and her husband, about laundering 130 million rubles.


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