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Theatrical passions: Khodchenkova and Lolita played Bondarchuk in the series

MOSCOW, 16 Mar. A trailer for the series “Actresses” by Fyodor Bondarchuk has appeared on the Web, the press service of the project reports. The script was written by the director's wife Paulina Andreeva.
The project tells about how the acting profession works and what difficulties artists face. For example, the video shows several actresses auditioning for the same role in a production by a French director. In addition, the video contains footage from the personal lives of the characters. Screams, tears, passion, scandals and nervous nerves – all this is in the trailer.

*Attention, the video contains smoking scenes. We remind you that smoking is dangerous for your health

The cast of the project is stellar. For example, Svetlana Khodchenkova and Lolita Milyavskaya appear in the series. The first played an actress whose career did not work out, and she went to sing in the church choir.
“And then there is a wonderful return to the profession and new trials, now glory. And this is how all this breaks a person, makes him do some kind of reassessment of values ​​- this is the main thing in this story, it seems to me “, – says Khodchenkova.
Lolita embodied the image of the theater director. Her heroine did not have a personal life.
“She is a person who has come to terms with the fate of her second wife. And this is not an easy fate. For me, this character is complex, seemingly understandable, but complex. And the difficulty is that I myself am arranged differently. I am one of those who will never be second and will not put anyone on a pedestal,” the pop star shares the details.
Also, Elena Nikolaeva, Polina Pushkaruk, Sergey Gilev, Alexei Makarov, Roman Evdokimov, Anna Nevskaya, Olga Makeeva and others.

The project starts on Wink (Rostelecom) and Kinopoisk services on March 30, 2023.
Formerly actors of The King and the Jester Vlad Konoplev and Konstantin Plotnikov spoke about the negative from the fans of the group after the premiere of the series. kino-1857847654.html” data-title=”Trends determined: series that we will watch all year”>


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