GENERICO.ruPoliticsZelenskaya spoke in the United States about the "formidable Ukrainian air defense" that shoots down drones

Zelenskaya spoke in the United States about the “formidable Ukrainian air defense” that shoots down drones

MOSCOW, 17 Mar. Vladimir Zelensky's wife Elena spoke on the air of the American television channel MSNBC about a resident of Ukraine who “destroyed a drone” with a can of tomatoes.

“One woman saw a drone from a balcony and knocked it down with a can of tomatoes. <…> Probably only a Ukrainian woman is capable of this,” she said.

According to the first lady, there are “a lot of such inspiring stories” in her country.

Zelenskaya has repeatedly made controversial statements that caused harsh public criticism. So, in January, she claimed that her husband was forced to wear a green T-shirt, because after the start of the special operation, he “was simply not able to wear other clothes under the circumstances.” At the end of the same month, the spouse of the Ukrainian president made a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where she called on the participants of the event to “decisive action” and demanded that Kiev be provided with as many weapons as possible for military operations.

Zelensky was also criticized for fashionable photo shoot for Vogue magazine last year. American writer Caitlin Johnstone called her a clumsy PR for the Ukrainian leader and the president himself as the corporate mascot of the most aggressive US advertising campaign of all time.


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