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Crossovers SWM G01 and SWM G01F of the Russian assembly: characteristics and configurations

In mid-April, the Avtotor Kaliningrad plant announced the start of production of three models of the Italian brand SWM, owned by the Chinese Shineray Group, they will be on sale in the coming months, with a new batch of details released today.

The original SWM company was founded in 1971 in Italy as a motorcycle manufacturer, since 2014 the SWM brand has been owned by the Chinese Shineray Group and today it produces not only motorcycles, but also cars – inexpensive crossovers and crossovers. True, they are inexpensive only in China itself, and in Russia, as it turned out today, SWM models will have quite rich basic equipment, prices for SWM G01 and SWM G01F crossovers will range from 2 million to 3 million rubles.

SWM G01F 1/4 SWM G01F 2/4 SWM G01F 3/4 SWM G01F 4/4

SWM G01 and SWM G01F are, in fact, the same model, namely a mid-size 5-seater crossover. In China, the SWM G01 debuted in 2018 and has already been completely replaced by the sports version of the G01F, and both versions are localized in Russia. Overall length SWM G01 – 4610 mm, width – 1855 mm, height – 1740 mm, wheelbase – 2750 mm, ground clearance – 170 mm. The overall length of the SWM G01F has been increased to 4670 mm due to a more aggressive body plumage.


The power unit is one for both versions – a gasoline 1.5-liter turbo four (138 hp, 212 Nm) paired with a 7-speed automatic DCT type (with two clutches), front-wheel drive only. Front suspension – McPherson type, rear – semi-independent with a transverse torsion beam. All brakes are disc. Trunk volume – 440 l.

SWM G01 1/4 SWM G01 2/4 SWM G01 3/4 SWM G01 4/4

SWM G01 is currently declared for Russia in the only Optimum configuration, which includes front and side airbags for the driver and front passenger, ESC (stabilization system), cruise control, electromechanical handbrake, smart key and engine start button, steering column height adjustment, climate control, heated and ventilated driver's seat, cup holders with cooling and heating function, leatherette upholstery, digital instrument panel with 7-inch screen, multimedia system with 10-inch screen, audio system with 7 speakers, 3 USB ports, rear parking sensors, reversing camera, panoramic glass sunroof, burglar alarm, engine protection, roof rails and 18″ alloy wheels.

SWM G01F 1/4 SWM G01F 2/4 SWM G01F 3/4 SWM G01F 4/4The SWM G01F will also be offered in a single package called Smart and in addition to the Optimum it has a more refined finish, window airbags, a blind spot monitoring system, a collision and lane departure warning system, a power tailgate, a power driver's seat adjustment, front parking sensors, surround view cameras, wireless smartphone charger, 10 speaker audio system and dash cam.

SWM G01 1/5 SWM G01 2/5 SWM G01 3/5 SWM G01 4/5 SWM G01 5/5 all around Russia. The Russian-language website SWM is already working, the G01 and G01F crossovers will go on sale in late May – early June. The third SWM model mastered by Avtotor is the G05 Pro family crossover with a 5- or 7-seat interior, which will arrive at dealers by the end of summer. SWM G05 Pro will be equipped with the same 138-horsepower gasoline engines as the G01 and G01F models, there are no other details about the Russian version of this model yet.

SWM G05 Pro

Recall that the joint project of Avtotor and SWM is designed for the period up to 2032 and a gradual increase in the depth of localization, during this period several new products will be put into production, including an electric car, a minivan and some special model that will be developed taking into account the specifics of the Russian market.


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