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Yan Dvorkin, head of the initiative group to help transgender and non-binary people, was fined 100 thousand rubles under an article about “LGBT propaganda”

The Ostankinsky District Court of Moscow fined Yan Dvorkin, the head of the Center T initiative group for helping transgender and non-binary people, 100,000 rubles under the article on “LGBT propaganda” (part 3 of article 6.21 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). This was reported on the Center T telegram channel.

Dvorkin published his appeal to the court, in which he asks to stop the administrative case, since there is no offense in his actions, and guilt has not been proven. “It is inhumane that the state makes it legal to discriminate against an entire social group of the population, which is about 14 million citizens of Russia,” the activist said.

He also added that sexual orientation and gender identity are innate characteristics of a person, not subject to change. In addition, as Dvorkin noted, regardless of these circumstances, all citizens of the country should have equal rights.

The activist clarified: “I consider it necessary to adopt laws that would protect people from xenophobic manifestations, such as harassment, violence, discrimination based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and preferences. They would also help to remove stigmatization of vulnerable groups of people.”

At the end of the appeal, Dworkin said that he himself is a transgender and homosexual person and is married. According to him, he “never imposed on others what they should be and what they should do,” and respects the freedom of people in the desire to “be themselves.”

About the protocol drawn up on the activist, it became known on April 21, then he was summoned to the police department. On one of the screenshots from the materials of the administrative case, there was a post in which Dvorkin commented on the words of State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov – the politician called the men who left Russia “active homosexuals”.

“In the text presented in screenshot #4, there is a positive assessment of non-traditional sexual relations (not between a man and a woman). A positive assessment is accompanied by a justification – non-traditional sexual relations are characterized as natural, ”the experts decided. They also found that “a person called “Sasha” evokes sensual attraction in the addressee.”

The report on Dvorkin was drawn up after a denunciation by guardianship officers who lead the activist's family, as he takes care of a child with a disability. They had no complaints against him until he began to speak publicly about the life of non-binary and transgender people, and also before Dvorkin announced his marriage to his partner, the Radio Liberty activist said.

1Article “Writes about himself in the feminine gender, specifying the presence of a member.” Moscow courts expel transgender sex workers from Russia under new law on “LGBT propaganda”


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