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Excise tax on sugar-containing drinks introduced from July 1

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MOSCOW, July 1 The excise tax on non-alcoholic sugar-containing drinks will be introduced in the Russian Federation from July 1, 2023, its amount will be 7 rubles per liter.
Excisable will be packaged drinks made using drinking or mineral water, drinks containing sugar – for example, glucose, fructose, sucrose and other similar substances, or syrup with sugar or honey. An important condition is the content of carbohydrates – more than 5 grams per 100 milliliters of drink, and the volume fraction of ethyl alcohol – it should not exceed 1.2%.

Juices and juice-containing drinks, nectar, fruit drinks, syrup, milk, dairy products, jelly and vegetable-based drinks are excluded from the excise duty. Alcoholic products with a volume fraction of ethyl alcohol of more than 0.5% are not recognized as sugar-containing drinks. The law introducing the excise tax was signed at the end of November 2022.

“The introduction of excise tax on sugar-containing drinks is a major event for the entire industry, it is already obvious that it will have a serious impact on the work of every company, regardless of the size of production,” commented Maxim Novikov.
He explained that as a result, the beverage industry in the Russian Federation found itself in a situation of forced transformation of business processes and the need to rebuild many key mechanisms: all this, in his opinion, could affect the formation of profits and the organization of production, marketing strategy.
“At the moment, the main issue for each manufacturer of sugar-containing drinks is the issue of minimizing risks and developing a clear strategy for further work. It is necessary to work out the mechanics of tax reporting in advance and make fundamental management decisions regarding the further functioning of the company,” Novikov believes.


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