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WWF* was added to the list of undesirable organizations in Russia

MOSCOW, Jul 3 The World Wide Fund for Nature* (WWF*, recognized as a foreign agent) to the list of undesirable organizations, according to the agency's website. Switzerland),” follows from the list of the Ministry of Justice. According to the Prosecutor General's Office, representatives of WWF* “under the guise of protecting nature and the environment” tried to influence the decisions of the Russian authorities, “impeded the implementation of industrial and infrastructure projects.”
After that, the Prosecutor General's Office recognized the foundation's activities in Russia as undesirable. Since WWF*, according to the department, “environmental and environmental education activities” under the leadership of a British citizen Nevil Isdell, the current president of WWF*, is used to cover the implementation of projects that pose a threat to Russia's security in the economic sphere.

After recognition WWF* undesirable The Russian Wildlife Fund, formerly called WWF Russia* and recognized as a foreign agent, announced that it was terminating all relations with the international organization and terminating the agreement on the use of the Panda logo.

As stated by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Victoria Abramchenko, she “treats environmental activists with great respect”, “but when these are foreign organizations that receive grants from Western countries and through this agenda try to politicize their activities and interfere in the internal affairs of our country, this cannot be allowed.” The Deputy Prime Minister believes that Russia needs to develop “its own” non-governmental environmental organizations so that the voice of the public is “brightly represented”.
* Organization acting as a foreign agent


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