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How not to quit training – 4 working methods from American scientists

Bought a fitness membership but never made it to the gym? Or did you pump the press for a couple of months, and then lost enthusiasm and abandoned the exercises? It turns out that returning to active training is not so difficult.

American researchers rush to the aid of all fake athletes. In a paper published in the scientific journal Nature, scientists tried to understand why sports motivation fades so quickly in people and what can be done about it.

Scientists studied the behavior of more than 60 thousand people – how often and how effectively they visit the gym. The experiment was conducted for four weeks in the sports network 24 Hour Fitness. The researchers tested 53 different training programs to see how well they interacted with each other, and compared their results with those of a control group.

In the end, they found out that there is still a magic pill for laziness, and not even one, but four. Let's talk about them in more detail.


It is more difficult for a person to refuse a workout if it is planned. Determine in advance the days when it is convenient for you to exercise, and write the workout on your daily to-do list. Pack your bag, prepare a water bottle, don't forget to bring your wireless headphones. Any preparation has a good effect on motivation and saves time.

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With the help of experts, we figure out whether you can go to the gym as soon as you feel better or is it still worth waiting.

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Set a reminder on your phone so that you don’t forget about training in the maelstrom of affairs. A person will be more happy to pull the barbell and conquer the treadmill if he received a notification half an hour or an hour before class.


It is desirable, of course, not with pizza in one person, but with something more useful so that it does not disappear the effect of training. The study talks about the incentives offered by e-fitness programs. For example, when they redeemed $0.22 worth of Amazon points after class, their attendance increased by 9%. Imagine, even such a small reward helps people return to sports more often.


According to the study, if a person knows that his exercises are fashionable, then he is more willing to go to training . Scientists told visitors about popular exercises – and attendance at the gym increased by 24%.


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