GENERICO.ruMedicineYeast against toxic metals. What are biosorbents capable of?

Yeast against toxic metals. What are biosorbents capable of?

We all die. But this is not accurateYeast against toxic metals. What are biosorbents capable of

Toxic elements often get into nature from wastewater from industrial enterprises. The solution to this problem can be ordinary baker's yeast. How biosorption works – the ability of living organisms to “accumulate” a substance on the surface of a cell. Is it possible to “mine” gold with yeast, and how do bacteria change the size of silver to nanoparticles?
Inga Zinkovskaya, Doctor of Chemistry, Head of the Neutron Activation Analysis and Applied Research Sector of the JINR Laboratory of Neutron Physics, spoke about microbial technologies, the incredible properties of spirulina algae and the biosynthesis of nanoparticles. -nuclear scientists, which living creatures are best at capturing environmental change, and how science influences the adoption of laws.
We talked about the prospects for genome editing for medical purposes and evolutionary mechanisms in the episode “Tail, appendix and extra nipples. How rudiments differ from atavism.”

The episode was prepared jointly with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, an international intergovernmental research organization in the science city of Dubna (Telegram/VK/YouTube).

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Episode prepared by: Artyom Buftyak, Artur Arushanyan
Sound engineer: Oleg Chizhov
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