GENERICO.ruSportRussian synchronized swimmers suspended for six victorious Olympic Games, Pokrovskaya said

Russian synchronized swimmers suspended for six victorious Olympic Games, Pokrovskaya said

MOSCOW, September 5, Vasily Bogdanov. Head coach of the Russian national team In synchronized swimming, Tatyana Pokrovskaya said that the International Aquatics Federation (World Aquatics) refused to allow Russians to participate in international team events because of the victories of synchronized swimmers at the last six Olympics.
On Monday, World Aquatics on the official website published the criteria for the admission of Russians and Belarusians to international competitions, allowing them to compete only in individual disciplines in a neutral status. Russian and Belarusian athletes will not be able to participate in group competitions in synchronized swimming, synchronized diving, water polo and swimming relay races.
“Of course, a very unpleasant decision, although I can’t call it unexpected. There have been talks for a long time, but we hoped that at least duets would be allowed. But no, we were completely expelled for all six victorious Olympics. “we were expecting it back in July. It's okay, we will still compete, improve our level and hope for changes for the better. There is the Russian Championship, the Friendship Games, the BRICS Games. All these competitions immediately diverge around the world, the main thing for us is to they saw that we remain the strongest in the world.Let them know that we lost the leader of the synchronized swimming.As for the reaction of the girls, it has not yet been discussed with them, but, of course, they are upset.Although I did not give them much hope, I did not tell fairy tales white bull. Such are the circumstances, we must accept them and continue to speak,” Pokrovskaya said.


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