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The legend of “Spartacus” believes that “Zenith” will become the champion of Russia

MOSCOW, Sep 5 Zenit St. Petersburg will win the Russian Championship this season, said in his Telegram channel the best football player of the USSR in 1972 and the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games Evgeny Lovchev.
On Sunday “Zenith” on the road played a draw with CSKA with a score of 1:1.
“One team really wanted not to lose, and the second was just stronger. Zenit was clearly unsettled after the first goal in the match, but it was clear that Peter would bounce back sooner or later. CSKA stood behind after the goal, the main goal is to keep zero in his own net. Now I can already say that Zenit will become the champion. The team has the strongest main team in the league, the strongest reserve. The team creates chances in attack, which sooner or later translates into goals, “Lovchev wrote.
Russian Premier League (RPL)03 September 2023 • start at 17:30EndCSKARussia1 : 1ZenitRussia
04‎'‎ • Anton Zabolotny
88‎'‎ • Douglas Santos

As part of CSKA, Anton Zabolotny scored the ball after an error by Zenit goalkeeper Mikhail Kerzhakov. St. Petersburg defender Douglas Santos equalized in the 88th minute. Ex-CSKA football player Mario Fernandez, who was on the bench of the Blue-White-Blues, ran to celebrate the goal with his teammates.
“Fernandez played a great match, I have no questions for him when the guy ran to rejoice. It’s not his fault that he didn’t end up in CSKA – I already said that if the army team needed a player, the issue was resolved only with money. This is a modern a world where no one plays moral anymore. And when the stadium began to whistle, he got furious – hence this run after the goal. When you are booed all the match, it's hard to keep from responding. I did not understand why he was booed. Well, now is the time for money, and to blame the footballer for wanting to return to CSKA, but did not return, because CSKA did not give as much money as Zenit – for what? Football players began to play only for money. He played for CSKA, and played well, there were no complaints for 10 years – why don't they remember this?” – added the former football player of “Spartacus”.
“About the CSKA goal, I only have questions for Kerzhakov. There was a simple solution to avoid problems – to knock the ball out without thinking anything up. And when you get the ball two meters from the goal line and start driving it, then wait for retribution. The goalkeeper brought the ball to himself. In recent years, our goalkeepers have become addicted to playing with their feet. This is such a European trend that leads to goals conceded. No need to invent – make a zero in your own net. Look at how Akinfeev plays, Zenit staged an assault, and Igor saved time after time,” he concluded.


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