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Sber opened public access to the GigaChat neural network

MOSCOW, September 5 Sberbank has opened for everyone access to the generative artificial intelligence GigaChat, which helps to work with text and images, the credit institution said in a statement.
In April, in testing mode, Sberbank launched the GigaChat multimodal neural network, which can maintain a dialogue with the user, write program code, and create texts and pictures.

Sber opens access to GigaChat generative artificial intelligence for everyone,” the message says. Now the service is available in the web version, to connect to which you need to register using Sber ID, as well as in a number of Sber smart devices.

The neural network can work with ready-made texts and write them from scratch, invent stories, help solve everyday problems, and draw images in different styles using the Kandinsky neural network. In addition, now you can share your ready-made dialogues with other users, as well as receive hints from GigaChat itself.
It is noted that soon GigaChat will be available in a convenient bot format in Telegram and VK, and developers and businesses will be able to use it through the cloud API.
“We are the only ones in Russia who have made publicly available pre-trained models (ruGPT, Kandinsky 2.2 and FRED-T5), on the basis of which our service of generative artificial intelligence was created. This was done primarily in order to accelerate the development of open-source source-community and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence,” commented Andrey Belevtsev, Senior Vice President, Head of the Technology Block at Sberbank.


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