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Kyiv offered Ankara to resume the grain corridor without the participation of Russia

MOSCOW, Sep 7 Ukraine submitted to Turkey a proposal to resume the work of the “grain corridor” without the participation of Russia, a final response has not yet been received, said the Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar.
“The proposal to operate a “grain corridor” without Russia has been submitted to the Turkish side. There is no final confirmation yet. But since ships with grain are already sailing through the territorial waters of Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey and passing through the straits without restrictions, this is actually a rational way,” – quotes the words of Bodnar Ukrainian agency Ukrinform.

As Natalia Gumenyuk, press secretary of the Ukrainian Defense Forces “South” reported earlier, four ships have already successfully entered the temporary corridor for merchant ships in the Black Sea. Earlier, the naval forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Ukraine announced the opening of temporary corridors for merchant ships sailing towards or from the Black Sea ports – Chornomorsk, Odessa and Yuzhny. On August 12, Kyiv announced the opening of the registration of merchant ships ready to sail these routes “under the supervision of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, which will ensure their safety.

The grain deal ceased on July 18, the Russian Federation notified Turkey, Ukraine and the UN of its objection to its extension. Putin has previously noted that the terms of the deal with Russia were not kept, despite the efforts of the UN, because Western countries were not going to keep their promises. The President of the Russian Federation has repeatedly pointed out that the West exported most of the Ukrainian grain to their states, and the main goal of the deal – the supply of grain to needy countries, including African ones – was never realized. After the cessation of the Black Sea grain initiative and the curtailment of the maritime humanitarian corridor, all ships en route to Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea waters are considered as potential carriers of military cargo from midnight on July 20, 2023 and are considered involved in the Ukrainian conflict on the side of the Kiev regime, the Ministry of Defense reported. RF.


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