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“Spiral of death”: in Ukraine fell into despair

MOSCOW, Sep 8 Academician Ella Libanova from the National Academy of Sciences Ukraine announced the risk of the country falling into a “death spiral” due to the demographic crisis, according to the publication of the British charity organization AOAV.
As Libanova recalled, in 2001 Ukraine recorded the lowest birth rate in the world, in 2019 the country according to this indicator, it was the last in Europe.
At the moment, she is most worried about the “exodus” abroad of Ukrainian women of reproductive age. “If we cannot return these women, it will be a serious problem,” she warned.

The publication cites the data of the document, according to which Ukrainian demographers predict a drop in the total fertility rate to 0.71 in 2023-2024, which “will be the lowest figure ever recorded in the world.”

“I think we are in a situation where the population of Ukraine could be in a death spiral,” Libanova lamented, adding that even in in the event of a “victory”, the birth rate in the country will not recover.
At the end of July, the analytical resource “Opendatabot”, which aggregates official data in Ukraine, reported that the birth rate in the country had reached its lowest level in all the years of independence.


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