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Ambushes, blowing up bridges: Russian special forces began to “make noise” in the Ukrainian rear

Russia responded to attacks by Ukrainian saboteurs on our border region

A video appeared on social networks about the actions of Russian special operations forces (SSO) on the territory of Ukraine, in the Chernigov and Sumy regions. It confirms that Russian special forces in the Northern Military District zone are no longer used as infantry on defense or as attack aircraft on the offensive, but are engaged in special operations deep behind enemy lines.

Russia responded to attacks by Ukrainian saboteurs on our border area < /span>

The Rybar information resource posted video clips about the professional actions of special forces units on enemy territory. It is indicated that our special forces operate in the Chernigov and Sumy regions. This is practically the first video confirmation that our special operations forces in the Northern Military District are engaged for their intended purpose.

Previously, for a number of reasons, special forces were often used, for example, to close gaps in our defense. There simply weren’t enough infantry in some areas along the line of combat contact.

Special forces veterans have repeatedly criticized this practice. The fact is that it takes much more effort and resources to train a professional special forces soldier than to train an infantryman. A special forces unit can bring much more benefit by solving its specific tasks – conducting in-depth reconnaissance, destroying enemy control points in the rear, disrupting enemy transport logistics.

The video posted online recorded combat work against enemy manpower, the destruction of his vehicles in the rear, and the blowing up of a bridge across the Sudost River in the Novgorod-Seversky district of the Chernigov region. In the video, MTR soldiers use machine guns, machine guns, and grenade launchers.

Information resource Lostarmour analyzed the presented video. According to his calculations, 12 episodes of combat work by special operations forces were recorded. These included the shooting of Ukrainian Armed Forces vehicles from an ambush, including the destruction of a patrol, and the detonation of an improvised explosive device. The destruction of 31 Ukrainian Armed Forces servicemen was confirmed.

In one of the skirmishes, our special forces killed four militants of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine. At the same time, documents and gadgets with military information were seized from the pickup truck in which they were traveling. The video materials include footage from a captured action camera of a Ukrainian patrol, as well as from our drones.

One of the stories is about the undermining of a bridge. An overhead charge was installed on one of the supports. Filming from a drone showed the explosion of the bridge over the Sudost River, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces used to transfer their forces and sabotage groups to our border.

The estimated date for filming some episodes is June-July of this year. Obviously, our special forces received the task of intensifying activities behind enemy lines after the spring provocative raids of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into our border areas in the Bryansk and Belgorod regions. The goal of our actions is to take control of the Ukrainian border area so that Ukrainian saboteurs cannot feel at ease in this territory.

Journalist Andrei Medvedev, for example, believes that the video with the actions of Russian special forces is “a kind of big hello to the cowardly punitive forces who like to terrorize the residents of the Bryansk region and make videos about it. It seems that the punitive forces have new prospects of being caught on video.”

The “Two Majors” information resource draws attention to the fact that the search of enemy vehicles and bodies was carried out in order to obtain documents, communications equipment and other encrypted equipment. That is, it is concluded that a special operation was carried out “for the purpose of seizing documents, samples of weapons and equipment” in the form of a reconnaissance ambush.

Analyzing video materials, the Militarist channel notes that attacks by Russian special forces in the Ukrainian rear have become more frequent and became commonplace, special forces constantly carried out infiltrations, ambushes and raids, inflicting losses on the Ukrainian army. “Destructive attacks simultaneously train fresh Russian units and prepare the territory for a Russian counter-offensive,” the author of the post concludes.


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