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Another updated Hyundai i20: “premium” with a reduced range

The upgraded compact has reached the Indian market. The five-door car's appearance was improved, and the list of equipment was also expanded. At the same time, the standard model is now offered with one engine.

In Europe, the refreshed third-generation Hyundai i20 debuted back in May, although such a hatchback is just starting to go on sale there. And today a version for India has been presented – and it is already available for purchase. Let us remind you that compacts for the Old World are made in Turkey, while locally produced cars are offered to Indian customers, and the local division of Hyundai positions the model as a “premium”.

It was – it was, version for India

In terms of design, the “different” i20 has changed in the likeness of the Euro version: the hatch has different bumpers and a retouched radiator grille, the top-end headlights now have a different diode filling, and there are no longer separate foglights. In addition, the brand emblem was moved from the “grill” above. As before, the Indian five-door grille has its own design, plus the rear lights are united by a silver insert (the European model does not have this).

Updated Hyundai i20 for India 1/5 Updated Hyundai i20 for India 2/5 Updated Hyundai i20 for India 3/5 Updated Hyundai i20 for India 4/5 Updated Hyundai i 20 for India 5/5

The hatchback intended for India is shorter than the “European” one (3995 versus 4065 mm), because there cars up to four meters long are entitled to tax breaks. But it is higher – 1505 instead of 1450 mm. The width and wheelbase of the cars are the same – 1775 and 2580 mm, respectively.

Updated Hyundai i20 for India < p>In the cabin there is a “truncated” steering wheel (previously there was a regular “steering wheel”) and other finishing materials. At the same time, in India the Hyundai i20 now has five trim levels, not four: a new base has been added. The list of standard equipment now includes ESC and six airbags (“simple” versions of the pre-reform hatch were given two airbags). Starting with the second oldest version, a fin antenna and a multimedia system with an 8-inch screen appear.

Updated Hyundai i20 for India 1/6 Updated Hyundai i20 for India 2/6 Updated Hyundai i20 for India 3/6 Updated Hyundai i20 for India 4/6 Updated Hyundai i20 for India 5/6 Updated Hyundai i20 for India 6/6

The “middle” trim levels also have a rear view camera, climate control (instead of air conditioning), and cruise control. Well, the top hatchback has multimedia with a 10.25-inch display, wireless charging for a smartphone, and a sunroof. Let us note that the European “twenty” is much richer, although it does not bear the title of a “premium” model: in particular, this five-door has adaptive cruise, auto-braking and lane-marking systems.

Updated Hyundai i20 for India

The engine range of the Indian Hyundai i20 has been trimmed: now the hatch is available only with a 1.2 naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine, which is paired with a five-speed manual or iVT CVT. In the first case, the engine produces 82 hp, in the second – 88 hp. The pre-reform hatchback was still offered with a 1.0 T-GDI petrol turbo engine (120 hp) in combination with a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches. However, we are not talking about final retirement: most likely, this engine is reserved for the “warmed up” i20 N Line, which will be updated later. By the way, previously the “twenty” in India could also be purchased with a 1.5 CRDi turbodiesel, but it was abandoned even before restyling. In Europe, the standard i20 retains the 1.0 T-GDI (100 or 120 hp), in addition there are “mild hybrid” versions (but diesel is also not available in the Old World).

Updated Hyundai i20 for Europe 1/3 Updated Hyundai i20 for Europe 2/3 Updated Hyundai i20 for Europe 3/3

In India, the price of the “prestigious” updated Hyundai i20 varies from 699,490 to 1,101,000 rupees, which is equivalent to approximately 828,000 – 1,304,000 rubles or 7,900 – 12,400 euros at the current exchange rate. For comparison, in the Czech Republic a restyled hatch costs from 13,500 euros, in France – from 17,600 euros.


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