GENERICO.ruAutoLotus Emeya: the flagship British liftback turned out to be weaker than its sister Zeekr 001 FR

Lotus Emeya: the flagship British liftback turned out to be weaker than its sister Zeekr 001 FR

The British company Lotus Cars presented the second model, created in close cooperation with the Geely holding, – the Emeya electric liftback, it shared the platform with the Eletre crossover presented a year and a half ago. Production of the Emeya will begin next year at Lotus' Chinese plant in Wuhan.

Since 2017, a controlling stake (51%) of Lotus Cars has belonged to Geely, and with the financial and technological support of the Chinese holding, the long-awaited update of the Lotus model range began. The Emira mid-engine coupe, which debuted in 2021, became the last “hydrocarbon” model of the British brand, and then only electric cars. The large electric crossover Eletre was unveiled in 2022, and its sister sedan Emeya was declassified last night in New York.

The Emeya, like the Eletre, is based on the Lotus Electric Premium Architecture (EPA) modular skateboard platform, which is derived from the SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform developed by Geely, well known to us from the new models Jidu, Polestar, Radar, smart, Volvo and Zeekr. The dimensions of the Emeya have not yet been revealed, but it is clear that it is a fairly large liftback in the class of the Aehra Sedan, Avatr 12, Polestar 5, Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model S and Zeekr 001.

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A retractable two-tier rear wing is integrated into the Emeya tailgate; it provides up to 215 kg of download at high speeds. At the bottom of the rear bumper there is a diffuser with two movable side sections – when open, they also increase downforce. In turn, in the front of the car there are movable flaps that open when additional cooling is needed for the brakes and power plant.

The Emeya's power plant is twin-engine (one motor per axle), their maximum combined output is the same as that of the top R version of the Eletre crossover – 675 kW (918 hp) and 985 Nm, acceleration to 100 km/h takes 2.78 s, maximum speed – 256 km/h. The liftback will also have less powerful versions (probably the same as the crossover), but more powerful ones are unlikely, that is, so far the leader in power of all models created on the SEA platform is the Zeekr 001 FR, presented last week, four-engine the power plant of which produces 1265 hp

The capacity of the Emeya's 800-volt battery is 102 kWh; the range on one charge has not yet been announced, but the press release says that it will be approximately the same as that of the Eletre crossover, namely about 490 km. The Emeya features standard adaptive air suspension, powerful Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes and a rich arsenal of modern electronic driver assistants that make everyday driving much easier. The chassis is tuned in the best traditions of Lotus, so the Emeya will be at ease on winding country roads and racetracks – we are waiting for confirmation from independent tests.

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The interior of the liftback differs only in certain details from the interior of the Eletre crossover; the narrow instrument panel is complemented by a 55-inch projection screen on the windshield. The second row can have two individual chairs or a traditional three-seater sofa. The finish is promised to be luxurious, there will be a choice between traditional leather and newfangled synthetics made from industrial waste.

1/3 < img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/35527a7b3006f9240c469298560218ab.jpg" /> 2/3 3/3 < p>More details about the Lotus Emeya will be published closer to the start of production next year. Prices have not yet been announced, we only know that the basic version will cost at least £100,000. Meanwhile, pre-orders for the liftback are already being accepted; to book, you need to transfer a deposit of £1,000 to the company.


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