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The 643rd anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo will be celebrated on the Kulikovo Field

MOSCOW, September 8 . Festive events dedicated to the 643rd anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo will start at the Kulikovo Field museum complex on September 14 on Red Hill, the press service reported museum.
As the organizers said, the anniversary celebration is based on the visualization of historical events, based on the research of modern science. On Red Hill and in the Kulikovo Pole museum complex in Mokhovoye you will be able to take part in master classes and interactive programs with the effect of complete immersion in the Middle Ages.
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Visitors will have the opportunity to look into the workshops of a blacksmith, weaver, bone carver, tanner and jeweler; they will be able to make glass beads, weave stylish cord accessories, learn the art of calligraphy and take away memorable authentic souvenirs from the Kulikovo Field.< br />

According to tradition, the ceremonial events will be opened by the international military-historical festival “Kulikovo Field”. It will begin on September 14, and its culmination will be a holiday on Red Hill and a spectacular theatrical reconstruction of a medieval battle, as well as a tournament in historical medieval battle in the Kulikovo Field museum complex in Mokhovoy.
“For almost 200 years, there has been a tradition of celebrating the anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo on the Red Hill of the Kulikovo Field at the monument-column to Dmitry Donskoy and honoring the memory of those who laid down their lives at the confluence of the Don and Nepryadva. For 27 years this tradition has been kept by the State Museum-Reserve “Kulikovo Field” and does not forget the unchanging elements – the litany for warriors and military ceremonies,” said Vladimir Gritsenko, director of the Kulikovo Pole State Museum-Reserve.

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He added that participants in the military-historical movement, whom representatives from more than 40 regions of Russia come to watch, help make the anniversary more vibrant, emotional and meaningful. This figure is constantly growing and demonstrates the uniqueness of the event in the region and beyond.

This year, more than 100 groups from large and small cities of the Russian Federation confirmed their participation in the events. Clubs of fans of the Middle Ages are expected from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Penza, Ryazan, Tula, Vladimir, Izhevsk, Belgorod, Ivanovo, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Lipetsk, Rybinsk, Zheleznogorsk, Chekhov, Cherepovets, Yelets, Kostroma, Kaluga, Borisoglebsk, Nizhny Novgorod , Voronezh, Togliatti, Saratov, Suzdal and Vorkuta.
The multi-day celebration of the 643rd anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo will end on September 21 (September 8, old style – Ed.), the day of the battle of the Russian and Horde armies in 1380 .
The anniversary of the battle is celebrated on the Kulikovo field every third Saturday of September in accordance with the law “On days of military glory and memorable dates of Russia”. Organizers of the celebration: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Government of the Tula Region, State Museum-Reserve “Kulikovo Field”.


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