GENERICO.ruEconomicsDuring the high season, demand for tours to Africa, Latin America and China increased

During the high season, demand for tours to Africa, Latin America and China increased

Tourists are again drawn to the exotic

September and October are rightfully considered the best time for a budget and relaxing vacation by the warm sea. The summer rush is already behind us, and prices for New Year's tours have not yet increased. In which countries and in which domestic resorts can you relax inexpensively in the coming velvet season?

Tourists are drawn to the exotic again

Recently, the attention of Russian tourists to new outbound destinations has increased, Konstantin Gulevich, director of the distribution department and the department of communications, external relations and information policy of the tour operator Anex, told MK. According to him, non-standard tours with regular flights are in stable demand – the Maldives, Tanzania, Indonesia, Qatar, Seychelles. Among the unusual ones, he singled out a number of GDS (Global Distribution System – Ed.) areas, such as Israel, Panama, China, Cambodia. “It’s too early to talk about popularizing these destinations, but we see the interest of tourists in everything unusual,” Gulevich emphasized.

The expert recalled that last summer Egypt, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Cuba became more accessible to tourists on the basis of direct flights. “In general, the Asian destination is in great demand all year round. Based on demand in the summer months, the programs have been expanded for the winter with flights from new cities – to Thailand, for example, from Tomsk.” Among other new products, he highlighted the launch of the Priority concept for premium holidays in Thailand (Phuket Island). “Previously it was available for Turkey, the UAE, the Maldives and Egypt,” Gulevich added.

An important point – an independent holiday at popular beach resorts will cost more than a package tour. For example, a tour for one person with a flight on September 9 from Moscow to Phuket with accommodation for 9 nights in a 4* hotel on Karon Beach cost from 65,000 rubles. A similar tour with departure on September 8 and accommodation for 5 nights in a 4* Dubai hotel on Jumeirah Beach cost from RUB 69,747. For the pleasure of spending 8 nights in Sharm el-Sheikh in a 4* hotel located in the Hadaba area, with a flight from Moscow on September 8, you had to pay from 57,536 rubles. For a similar tour with accommodation from September 9 in a 4* hotel in Hurghada – from RUB 59,647. A trip for one tourist with a flight on September 8 from Moscow to Antalya and accommodation for 8 nights in a 4* hotel in the village of Beldibi cost from 33,078 rubles.

Of course, Türkiye remains unrivaled for lovers of the velvet beach season. As Gulevich explained, this is due to the short flight, extensive hotel facilities and all-inclusive food system, which is especially popular for families with children. According to him, now the long-awaited velvet season has arrived, when it is no longer so hot, but the sea is warm like summer, hotels offer various special offers to support demand. There are fewer students and families with schoolchildren in hotels, but at the same time, the hotels have retained the summer concept, absolutely all services are functioning at full capacity. According to him, you can find a tour costing from 68 thousand rubles. for two adults with a flight from Moscow with accommodation in September in a 5* hotel on an all-inclusive basis.

We would like to add that, according to the vice-president of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation Mehmet Ishler, this year due to favorable weather, the tourist season in the country is expected until November.

Another interesting fact: this year there was a redistribution of tourist flow between outbound destinations. “Countries where tourists usually tried to go in the winter season came to the top in sales, but now they have become year-round – the UAE, Thailand, Sri Lanka,” Olga Ivanova, a representative of the Fun & Sun company, told MK. Due to the fact that travel time to foreign resorts has increased, the average trip duration has increased. “If previously it was common to fly to the seaside for the weekend (to Turkey or Sochi), now, given the increase in travel time, people try to stay longer, not counting on the day of arrival and return,” Ivanova added.

Of course, the cost of a foreign tour is affected by the ruble exchange rate. At the end of August, the Russian national currency was clearly capricious. According to RST Vice President Yuri Barzykin, in such a situation, resorts in the Krasnodar Territory have become an alternative option for lovers of the velvet season. The Black Sea is still warm here, there is a lot of sun and fruit.

As Konstantin Gulevich noted, many tourists vacationing within the country prefer to combine domestic beach and sightseeing tours: “This summer, tours to Sochi Park were in great demand. Now you can still have time to sunbathe here by purchasing a ticket from 55 thousand rubles. for two in September with flight from Moscow. The cost of a tour in Adler under similar conditions is from 95 thousand rubles. for a week’s stay for two adults.”

We would like to add that, according to Rosstat, in September, vacations at the Black Sea resorts of Russia fell by an average of 13.2%. A budget option can also be found in neighboring Abkhazia. A trip for one person with accommodation from September 13 in a 3* Sukhumi hotel for 7 nights with departure from Moscow costs from 40.5 thousand rubles.

In conclusion, we note that the season of pleasant prices for travelers will not last long. In November, Russian tour operators will raise prices for winter tours by 10–30% compared to last year. First of all, mass destinations will become more expensive: Egypt, Dubai, Maldives, Cuba. Hotels in Thailand have already notified tour operators of a 20% price indexation. Among the reasons, market participants cite rising exchange rates, higher prices for transportation and hotel accommodation.


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