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Vladimir Putin inspected new ships at the Zvezda shipyard

The head of state assessed the record pace of development of the Primorye shipbuilding complex

Russian tankers are capable of operating in the harshest climatic conditions and breaking ice several meters thick. President Vladimir Putin was able to verify the most modern technologies in service with domestic sea carriers during a visit to the Zvezda shipbuilding complex in the Primorsky Territory. The project has been implemented since 2016 by a consortium of investors led by Rosneft. The head of state not only inspected the ice-class ships under construction and ready for sea trials, which in the near future will be able to join the development and transportation of energy resources, but also took part in the naming ceremony of two tankers.

The head of state assessed the record pace of development of the Primorye shipbuilding complex

Both new vessels, built by the Zvezda complex in the town of Bolshoi Kamen, Primorsky Territory, are equipped, as they say, with the latest technology. Named after the famous Soviet writer Valentin Pikul, the unique oil tanker shuttle is capable of independently navigating without icebreaker support in the waters of the northern seas. The vessel is equipped with a bow loading device for receiving raw materials directly from a stationary offshore ice-resistant berth. This vessel was built by order of Rosnefteflot for transporting oil along the Northern Sea Route, including from Rosneft’s Vostok Oil project.

In turn, the gas carrier, named after the prominent Soviet statesman Alexei Kosygin, is designed to transport liquefied natural gas and is capable of operating in extremely harsh climatic conditions, breaking ice two or more meters thick. The vessel is propelled by three original rudder propellers, the production of which is localized in Primorye at the Sapphire VRK enterprise. Until recently, for many years, tankers of this type were ordered by our country exclusively abroad, since their creation was considered one of the most difficult processes in global shipbuilding from a technical point of view. The creation of internal production of a previously inaccessible instrument can be considered the next stage in the industry’s transition to its own scientific personnel.

“Modern, powerful sea vessels can, without exaggeration, be called one of the best in their class in the world. They are capable of operating at extremely low temperatures, overcoming ice barriers, and transporting large volumes of oil and gas,” Vladimir Putin emphasized. “I would like to thank the engineers, designers, and workers of the Zvezda shipyard, who will soon have to solve new important problems, including ensuring the widespread use of domestic developments and solutions. With each new ship delivered, the level of localization on Zvezda will constantly increase.”

“Valentin Pikul” and “Alexei Kosygin” became the latest ships built at the seaside shipyard, which managed to launch 12 ships, of which 4 Aframax tankers with a total deadweight of 450 thousand tons have already been delivered to customers. Another 23 vessels out of more than 50 ships with a total deadweight of over 3 million tons in the company’s order portfolio are actively being built.

The President also got acquainted with the construction progress of two ice-class gas carriers ARC7, the tanker Vostochny Prospekt, ready for testing, the multifunctional supply vessel St. Mary, as well as the tanker Ivan Aivazovsky and the gas carrier Pyotr Stolypin. In the process of producing such ships, unique experience is gained for the entire domestic shipbuilding industry. “The development of such a fleet is of great importance for the country – an Arctic power; it is in demand for the implementation of our long-term strategy for the development of the Arctic, to ensure reliable transportation on the Northern Sea Route, on global transport and logistics routes, to strengthen the energy security of our country and the whole world,” – said Vladimir Putin.

Today, the Zvezda Shipyard is the most modern shipyard in Russia, specializing in the construction of all types of offshore production platforms, icebreakers and large-tonnage civil vessels, which serve as the basis of the domestic Arctic fleet. The construction of the shipyard, which is being created on behalf of Vladimir Putin, is being carried out at a record pace: in less than 7 years from the start of production activities, key technological problems have already been solved, the main facilities have been put into operation and are operating. Next up is the construction of five new workshops and three warehouse complexes, the total area of ​​which will exceed 165 thousand square meters. Rosneft, which provides pilot loading to the complex and has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Zvezda Shipyard to place all orders for new marine equipment and vessels at the shipyard's facilities.

Since modern technologies will work stably and be useful only in the hands of a skilled specialist, the oil company is establishing professional training bases in the region that will help provide the shipyard with highly qualified personnel. In addition, the company is creating an engineering center that will train and retrain personnel, solve problems in the field of production and import substitution for domestic shipbuilding and ship repair, as well as develop innovative technologies. The creation of professional training centers in the region contributes to the development of the labor market of the entire Far East.

Highly qualified industry specialists are eagerly awaited by mining enterprises developing new hydrocarbon deposits in our country. The most striking example of this is the large-scale Vostok Oil production project in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the progress of which was reported by Rosneft Chief Executive Officer Igor Sechin during Vladimir Putin’s visit to the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex. “One of the competitive advantages of the Vostok Oil project is its unique geography. Thanks to direct access to the Northern Sea Route artery, raw materials can be supplied to the most promising markets in the shortest possible time. However, to organize supplies and load the Northern Sea Route, at least 50 new units of the icebreaker and transport fleet will be required,” said Igor Sechin. “And here the Zvezda shipyard plays a primary role – the first center of high-tech shipbuilding in Russia and one of the leading shipyards in the Asia-Pacific region.”


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