GENERICO.ruRussiaPolice have linked Novosibirsk teenagers arrested for arson on a railway with the arson of a Su-24 bomber

Police have linked Novosibirsk teenagers arrested for arson on a railway with the arson of a Su-24 bomber

Police consider three teenagers from Novosibirsk, arrested in May due to a fire on the railway, to be involved in the arson of a Su-24 bomber that occurred at the same time at the Novosibirsk plant of the Sukhoi company. Representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk reported on this.

Although Volk does not name the Siberians by name and does not give the dates of the arson, other circumstances coincide with the details of the case, which were given in May by the telegram channels Baza and Mash. Based on the footage of the teenagers being detained, published today by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it can be assumed that they were also filmed in the spring.

18-year-old Novosibirsk resident Kirill Veselov and two minors Pavel S. and Savely R. were sent to a pre-trial detention center on May 15 in the case of arson of a relay cabinet on a railway in the Sovetsky district of the city; it happened on the evening of April 23. The same court, on the same day as them, arrested Novosibirsk resident Viktor Skorobogatov in the case of setting fire to a Su-24 on the territory of the Chkalov aircraft plant.

The arson of the plane on May 9 was reported by Russian Freedom Legion. According to the publication, the bomber, which was at the aviation equipment site, was set on fire the day before, on May 8. A day later, Baza wrote that we were talking about a “mothballed”, that is, inactive Su-24. Then the telegram channel “War on Fake” began to deny the incident and claim that the staged video of the fire was filmed in Ukraine.

Although all four were arrested under the article about sabotage committed by a group of people (clause “a” of part 2 of the article 281 of the Criminal Code), no connection was reported between the two arson attacks. Volk reported on September 11 that “transport police have previously established the involvement” of the first three teenagers in the arson of an airplane, as well as in the arson of a “container of telecommunications equipment” in the same Sovetsky district in the south of Novosibirsk.

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