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Experts named a possible basis for interaction between Minsk, Moscow and Pyongyang

MOSCOW, September 15Humanitarian cooperation and economics could become the main possible format of interaction Minsk-Moscow-Pyongyang, proposed by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko during negotiations with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, according to experts interviewed.
Earlier, Lukashenko, at negotiations in Sochi, suggested that Putin think about “cooperation for three,” meaning the DPRK, Russia and Belarus.

“”The first will be humanitarian interaction. This is the exchange of knowledge, technology, students, that is, enriching each other. The second is food and other security, industrial cooperation, and only then military technologies, the exchange of weapons,” the head of the Russian Center for the Study of Military and Military Sciences told the agency. political conflicts Andrey Klintsevich.
The agency’s interlocutor noted that interaction between Minsk and Pyongyang may be in demand, since the DPRK is interested in Belarusian food products, and in Belarus there may be interest in North Korean weapons, which are “quite modern and made in large quantities.” In addition, the long-term isolation of the DPRK, according to Klintsevich, will only accelerate cooperation and can ensure an increase in trade turnover between the countries due to North Korea’s ability to produce goods independently.
““The economy is more important (than defense – ed.),” agreed with him, leading researcher at the Center for Korean Studies at the Institute of China and Modern Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Evgeniy Kim.
At the same time, the expert assesses the prospects of the trilateral format proposed by Lukashenko cautiously. “There may be some kind of coordination, but by no means an organized structure, because North Korea is a principled opponent of joining any military-political alliances,” Kim said. Among the obstacles that could hinder the development of the Minsk-Moscow-Pyongyang format, the expert named sanctions on “almost everything that North Korea can sell,” the DPRK’s lack of necessary funds and the ability of the United States to monitor the cargo flow between Russia and the DPRK.

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un visited Russia for the first time since 2019. On Tuesday, he arrived in Primorye on his armored train; at the Khasan station he was met by the head of the intergovernmental commission of the Russian Federation and the DPRK, the Minister of Natural Resources of Russia Alexander Kozlov and the governor of the Primorsky Territory Oleg Kozhemyako. On Wednesday, the North Korean leader held talks at the Vostochny cosmodrome with Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Friday, he visited the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant named after Yuri Gagarin, where he looked inside a Superjet 100 aircraft. Next, a demonstration program of the Su-35 fighter took place for him, where the aircraft showed aerobatics in the sky.


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