GENERICO.ruScienceThe Ukrainian Air Force actually admitted that they attacked Crimea with Western weapons

The Ukrainian Air Force actually admitted that they attacked Crimea with Western weapons

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MOSCOW, September 15 Commander of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Nikolai Oleshchuk actually confirmed that the strike on Crimea and Sevastopol, after which a fire occurred “not at a civilian facility,” was inflicted by the Ukrainian Armed Forces using Western missiles.
The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Kyiv attacked the Ordzhonikidze shipyard in Sevastopol on the night of September 13 with ten cruise missiles, as well as three unmanned boats – a detachment of ships of the Black Sea Fleet making a sea crossing. The air defense shot down seven missiles, damaged two ships under repair, and all the boats were destroyed by the patrol ship Vasily Bykov. According to preliminary information from the city governor, Mikhail Razvozhaev, 24 people were injured as a result of the night attack.

“”In the air force there are two types of cruise missiles provided by partners to fight (Russian troops – ed.). British “Storm Shadow”. ., French “Scalp”. Both missiles work perfectly,” Oleschuk wrote in his Telegram channel.
Earlier, the Ukrainian Armed Forces took responsibility for a night attack on targets in Sevastopol. As reported by the Department of Strategic Communications of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, on September 13, the Ukrainian armed forces attacked naval assets and port infrastructure in Korabelnaya Bay of Sevastopol. Oleschuk then stated in his Telegram channel that the attack on Sevastopol was carried out by planes.

Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov suggested that the strike on the ship repair plant in Sevastopol was probably caused by Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missiles. He emphasized that in order to prevent such attacks in the future, it is necessary to identify and destroy Ukrainian aviation on the ground in advance.
In addition, the use of British Storm Shadow cruise missiles in an attack on a shipyard was confirmed to Sky News on September 13 by one Ukrainian and one Western source.


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